Saturday, July 23, 2011

maplers n forumites these days...

This is probably reflective of the spoon feeding education system, and all the parents over protecting and spoiling their kids... or cos the materialistic and result oriented society we live in...

so many rude maplers n forumites these days. here's wat i cant stand abt maple these days... so much so that i'm very tempted to remain the solo-ist hermit that i am, and rather not join all those boss runs for all the 'riches'...

1st we have those idiotic brats who just refuse to use the search button in forums, or read the stickied threads. expecting to be spoonfed everytime. ppl make multiple threads asking the same thing, or worst still ask the same qn when it's already answered in the faq on the 1st page of the thread they posted in.

than we have those talking to others as if ppl owe them a living. expecting to get help when no one is obliged to even notice their existence. like i've got an ex-guildmate who have been MIA for ages, than suddenly logs in, and the 1st thing he says in the guild chat is demanding that someone help scar/targa helm his other char. dude, i dont even know you, why the heck shd i even bother to reply you? let alone lift a finger to help you? he logged off right after asking and getting no replies too... needless to say he was kicked out right after he logged off.

in forums someone came barging into the lounge, and in this 1st posts asks for ppl to escort him to do zak jq. like hello? at least try to get to know the ppl in the lounge? we dont even know how you are, and in the 1st place you looking at all the wrong place to post. all i can see things going is that you're gonna ask for help, get ur way, and leave w/o another word.... heck the thread is a discussion n chatting thread, come in if you got some thing to discuss about, or just chat and make friends. you want to ask for help? at least get the sequence right, you make friends 1st, than ask for help.

its not like we are unfriendly to outsiders, but you got to get ur manners right to begin with.

than there are those rich kids/adults braggers. those who dont hesitate to spend tons of $$$ on the game and tell the whole world abt it. wat really irks me is that those guys are taking the shortcut, buying off everything with their wealth, and still can be so happy abt it. yeah sure, its ironic that someone who too, have spend $ on the game to be saying this... but i still find it distasteful for ppl to go ard saying hey, i just spend $200 on a new eq, or hey, look, i spend $15k SGD or more on the game so far for all my eqs. its really, really annoying and idiotic. yeah, you're rich, i'm poor, and so? if you are so rich, donate them to charity thank you. i dont think throwing so much $ into a game is tasteful or anything to be proud of.

as bad are those who take advantage of serious glitches (like the hammer slot glitch last time), and have the guts to deny it and better still,  accuse others of wrongly accusing them when they have admitted to glitching... know someone who blatantly admit to glitching in bl chat, than accuse me of malignancy in forums. if they are willing to swoop this low for a game, i cant imagine how low they can get in real life, where even more is at stake.

some claim that i'm just saying all these crap cos i'm jealous of those with the $, those with high damage etc. let me get this straight... i dont see anything to be jealous abt. sure i dont mind it if you donate me eq or $ so that i can get better damage. but i really cant be bothered to throw tons of $ to BUY better damage. now the game is all abt BUYING damage, i dont see any satisfaction in that. everything is becoming too easy, all you need is the $. there is not more hard work involved. its the tough process that makes the reward sweet at the end. i've always enjoyed the process more than anything else. and to those glitchers - its just distasteful, like i said earlier, its just goes to show how low one can swoop. its a matter of morality, even criminals have morals, but do you? its just like how hacking the game makes it pointless to PLAY in the 1st place, and how private servers get boring real fast since you lvl to 200 multiple times a day... everything becomes boring and pointless... and maple is certainly reaching that point fast.

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