Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lie Detector - Epic fail as expected

So in the last patch, the lie detector was re-introduced as a very round about and unhelpful way of letting players get rid of hackers.
Quite thankfully i've yet to get any players throwing lie detectors at me... but perhaps that's just cos i purposely avoid all the crowded maps when training. However the lie detector as it is now doesnt even slow down the hackers... let me explain how the lie detector works 1st.

Players can buy lie detectors from just about all potion shops, and they cost 8k mesos each. You can right click on the hackers and click save name and than crlt-v to paste the hacker's names into the lie detector (double click to use) so you dont have to slowly type out their weird IGNs. A line in the chat will appear saying that XXX has taken the lie detector test. When the hackers fail the test (note to legit players: you have 1 min, and 2 tries before getting sent back to town), they will than be sent back to town. If they come back to the same map again, the lie detector popup box will re-appear and they have to pass the test or they'll be sent back to town, again. Oh yes, you get 7k mesos 'refund' from the hackers when they fail the test... so the lie detectors cost a net 1k mesos. And if you happen to have lie detectors get used on you and you type all the letters in the capcha correctly, you get 5k mesos as a reward.

However... these days many hackers have programmed their bots to LOGOFF the moment the lie detector box appears. They fail the test before the 1min is up, and /find shows that the chars are offline. Than they relogin, go back to the same map, same cc, and continue on their ways.... leaving legit players to either use another lie detector (very irritating for mechs, we have to dismount gosh!) or find another map/channel to train on.

In JMS and KMS, players got fail lie detectors get slapped with a ban (at least in KMS was the auto lie detection appearing in mini dungeons, not sure if they have the lie detector item too). In JMS, you get a quest daily that gives out 3 (if i didnt remember wrongly) lie detectors... so that prevents abuse of the lie detectors, PLUS the JMS community are NOT filled with inconsiderate, vulgarity throwing BRATS like in MSEA. Some tweaks to the lie detectors need to be done in order for it to be even remotely useful. I see evan hackers reaching 16X at AF androids in edelstien... gosh, how long have they been hacking there already???

For one, the lie detectors should give a better reward, AT LEAST let players earn back the mesos used to buy the darn thing. We are doing the GMs a FAVOR for god's sake! Getting rid of those hackers shd be a GMs job... and aquila's GMs are all but doing theirs. I suggest having the lie detector reward like 10k mesos, and deduct 1 fame from the hackers and adding it to the player. That would help legit players get our freaking 30 fame needed to enter mini dungeons, and sorta help prevent hackers from getting into those mini Ds.

2ndly, hackers who fail the lie detectors 5 times in a day should get slapped with a permanent ban. Legit players should never get slapped with the ban since 1) the lie detector cant be used on you if you are not attacking, that means even if you afk in the map full of mobs, they cant use the lie detector on you. 2) you have 4 times to figure out what that lie detector is about, and get the thing right.... and its 5 times failure in a single day before you get banned dammit... any dimwit can also get that right yeah??

Really... lie detectors as it is now is just so pathetic that no one bothers to use them. The hackers just keep coming and coming back. We need more action taken sheesh.... sleeping GMs -.-'''

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