Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MSEA epic fail as usual

Warning: You may this post as a random, and boring rant.
Patch, server down, minor patch... bugs... hackers...

delays in releasing the patch notes, than subsequently (always) updating the patch notes...

30 fame requirement that will do nothing but force legitimate players to buy fame... those hackers are like an organisation, with many comps hacking+botting at the same time. they just need to spend a bit of time using their chars to up each other's fame... whereas like all my new chars have less than 10 fame -.-''' zzzz

lie detectors... its just not gonna work in msea. i can imagine ppl will be spamming lie detectors at other players in maps like mp3 to steal the map -.-'''
or at the other party who is trying to bot zak for example. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

either way, i'll have to clear a slot for lie detectors for sure...

Than there's the English School Party Quiz event. The NPC goes:

Hi, I'm Mr.P. Do you think the English hard to study?

Are you bawling and rolling in laughter now...? if you think that's intentional... than perhaps you shd read the notices they post. just to quote a few examples...

Please be inform that a Minor Patch will be required to update your Game Client version from v1.06.1 to v1.06.2
It shd be please be informed, for those who didn’t realise.

ok, the 'til' is probably just a typo... but i can't help but say that just about every sentence in the patch notes is phrased in a... strange way. can't they get someone with better English to write the damned thing?
Due to popular demand by Maplers since December 2010 til now, Permanent Decorative Cash Item Sales is BACK!

and it shd be, from Dec till now. if they want to use the word since, there's no need for the 'till now'.
We hope this clear up some misunderstanding on this issue.

It shd be 'we hope this will clear...'

the above was only taken from the minor patch notice, and reading a bit of the patch notes...

Singlish is fine in casual settings, like chatting with friends on facebook or forums... or writing personal blog entries.. i use Singlish a lot more than i'd care to admit... but for God's sake, get someone who can write in PROPER English to do the site announcements! And get a spell checker.

they repeated so many events over and over... the golden temple, monster box is back for the Nth time... gacha stamp... mini dungeon crystals... pathetic lack of creativity really. merely repeating those events that earn them big money like the gacha stamp and monster box over and over. over and over. Anniversary celebrations? this year was the worst ever. the drop rate of the eq boxes was crap, and there was not other way we could get our maple eqs. the boxes were pretty much monopolised by hackers or something? i didn’t get more than 10 boxes despite training for hours... items from the boxes was also rather lousy. didn’t get the eqs i wanted. aw come on! kms had such exciting anniversary events... jms has nice events too that really really temps me to play back... if not for the language barrier haiz.

GMS has gotten chaos patch already... and than we're finally getting mechs... i'm gonna give $$$soft another nickname. i'm gonna call it phail$oft.

bad news for some ppl, saw this post in the forums (pala's mystic bar, posted by WadIsMyName):
The New Boss Re-Balance has already been implemented as tested by me during scarlion today.
Before patch scarlion B3 deals me only 1 dmg (body)
After patch scarlion deals me 70-100+ dmg (body)

the changed info was already in their patch... so if they didn’t remove it later on... i believe the change will still be implemented? let's see... another patch to change it back or just go ahead with implementing the change or...? the guy who posted this is a pala tho, so he's got WD aplenty. saw some posts in the GD... seems like the boss damage got increased already.

i'm afraid i can't help but agree with what this guy says though:
Originally Posted by BanglaSin:
im not an elite myself but i do agree bigbang has removed the challenge in most bosses.

Papu. no chance of dying as long as HP above 3k. body 1 for range attackers just stand far and keep knockbacking. Bombs deal less than 1k, compared to 8k dmg before bigbang. papu = baby boss now

Scarlion and targa - b3 body damage from 7k to 3k. range attackers now wont die, can hug body even. no need to find a warrior rusher.

anego - no 10k touch and 18k slap damage. gun from 5k damage reduced to 2k damage. anego is just a free bunch of exp. really no challenge since bigbang arrived.

samu - i heard lightning from 8k damage reduced to 2k, no chance of dying = no challenge.

BGA - no more 18k touch damage - reduced to 3k damage. any job can solo it now with sufficient damage. no challenge too, and good bunch of exp.

experience coming from 15x NL. Honestly the bosses have became easier but i wont want them to be as "imbalanced" as before.

imbalanced meaning ranged attackers such as NL BM and captains need to wash hp and get HB JUST to survive.

and i want my DHB back (although i know its impossible)

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