Friday, July 22, 2011

Aquila Server dying!

Yet another server crash + slight roll back in aquila. heard that bootes got it too... was training at mongs than got real bored, went out to ellina and npc-ed the items... went for to make tea and voila! i dc-ed. took a while before i could log in any char, and when i'm finally back in, im back at mongs again whee! server dying cos of too many hackers?

ok... so since i'm realy bored of mongs now, i'm still wondering if i shd head to ludi, or to leafre to train... ah... maybe i'll go watch my show that i let it load since last night...

read a bit of manga recently... caught up with bakuman, and read naruto properly from the start till the latest chapter... finish reading rounin kenshin yesterday too. must say i really like bakuman and kenshin... read death note a while back... that was good at the beginning, but later on the story got really boring... the dialogues became so long that  it was a real chore to read them. been reading some fanfic recently too... some were really really good... i really wish i could write like them.

ok... back to training mech. or if i'm really bored... hunting POTs in TT...

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