Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MapleSEA v.1.06 - Mechs and more

ok, so the mechanics patch is scheduled to be done soon. barring any extensions... knowing msea + AS tho, there probably will be. anyway the patch notes were finally out this morning... thought i'll discuss the patch notes in brief here.

For the full patch notes, please see HERE.

1) Mechanics are here blah blah blah... another new job as well all knew already. nothing much to say here.

2) Mech support event, resistance rings, boxes and capsules... the usual stuff.

3) Evolving ring event is back. those who missed out on the earlier ones, go get urs now and quick. char who have the ring in their inv already will not be able to do the quest. you have to xfer the ring out... i'm probably not gonna get any ring this time round. got enough rings already.

4) Attendance check event is back, once again a re-run of the previous event, giving the same two chairs over a 10-day event. The difference is that you get to pick one of the two chairs... meaning that you can only get 1 of the chairs per char and not both (since there's only one round of it this time!).

5) Monster box event - another old re-run event. for those who want to 'donate' acash to $$$soft only.

6) Sheep ranch event - sounds fun and worthy of a few rounds of my time. i wonder what kind of reward you can get though. if the rewards are lousy, i'm not gonna be doing it beyond the sake of trying it out and taking a few SSes.

7) English school party quiz. sound fun, the rewards aren't bad... except that they are time limited. cos of the time limitation i probably can't be bothered. masks with 4wa or 4ma (lasts for 30 days) and medals with 2wa and 4ma (lasts 60 days) aren't too bad tho.

8) perm cash shop items. if u wanna decorate ur char... its not too bad a deal... that is IF u wanna spend the acash tho...

9) Boss mobs revamp! this is the point of... anger for many i guess...
current scar b3 stats
Weapon Att.:3,990
Magic Att.: 3,957
Weapon Def.: 570
Magic Def.: 1,020

new scar b3 stats
W.Att : 5985
M.Att : 5936
W.Def : 1197
M.Def : 2142

so from 4k wa to 6k wa... i'm actually glad for this change tho. scar/targa is getting too easy now... and krex that hits me for 1 damage? that's such a joke! as if krex wasn’t easy and boring enough before big bang already... hopefully this will lower the number of ppl scarring and targaing. the skill books from those bosses were getting worthless way too fast. not to mention that pots are sooo cheap nowadays f3. elixirs and PEs from the fm are like cheaper than honster from NLC! wat the hell! no more buying of honsters... i'm gonna dig into my stock of elixirs and PEs... even PEs are cheaper than honsters... like wut! didn’t realise it till last night. slow, i know.

10) MoN - new ones will become one-of-a-kind... something that shd have been done from the start.
CWKPQ becomes an expedition. watever... it just means we don't have to use zak or watever expedition when doing cwkpq.
Lie detector now on sale again. like wat i said to my guild mates some time back... needed to sort of help with the hacker situation. but we darn need a freaking SOLUTION... not a round about. knowing msea ppl, there's gonna be hell a lot of misuse coming up >< haiz.

11) Gacha stuff. like watever.

12) Cash shop update... like watever.

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