Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've done...

Didnt post although i had wanted to.

It all begin on friday just after midnight, when my guildee suggested we try zak. it was almost 2am... so i thought i'd give it a go.

Blah. all 4 cc had ppl waiting outing side the altar. We gave up...

Pissed at having traveled all the way to zak for nothing, the next day after server check i went back for revenge....

Things were bad from the start. my sis's dying lappy took like 1.5hrs to get maple installed and patched (patching x2). Than i finally formed my own expedition and got going...

Bad move, the patching took way too long, there were ppl waiting outside zak already... after waiting 1.5-2hrs i finally got in the altar... by than is was afternoon like 3 or 4pm already... my guildee started complaining abt the lag.... ><

Arms was fine, i keep worrying abt whether my nub damage will allow me to finish zak in an hour... but in the end, maple decided it for me

b1... about halfway through, i went out of tanking the body cos is had super WD up... Than i got stunned... for as long as 2 mins... pg etc... my buffs were all running out. When there was a break in stun i rushed back to body to tank in the hope that i'll stop getting stunned. i was wrong. still stunned, i could only watch as i got knocked around hopelessly, taking the touch damage from zakum. Combo timer ran out... than it all happened... a silent killer... the lag... with my char still stunned, i saw my hp drop from almost full (34k) to 1k. and than it immediately tombed. GREAT. I was stunned all along so i couldnt tell from my attacks, the mobs were still flying about wildly so it didnt look like it was lagging either... and no, no animation for 1/1 and heck i was tanking body dammit... and 1/1 would leave me with more than 1k+ hp anyway! STUPID LAG!

That really really pissed me off. my 1st ever zak run ending in epic failure cos of the incredible lag. Wasted several hours, 1 eye of fire... and 1 safety charm. I still stand by the fact that i HATE going zak.

Didnt maple the entire weekend after that. Went to read naruto instead... finished all 526 chapters of it now. Finally went back to training my mech late last night... after flame n law dragged me to scar/targa with them. Mech lvl 52 now... lazy to post SSes as usual, haven even posted my SSes of bam hitting 3rd job on my facebook lol.

Mech is really pawnzor... and i really <3 my lvl 19 bof. my mech has DOUBLE the attack range of some guys i id mcpq with earlier even tho i didnt prepare any eq for me mech. oh well, i did get a wa52 gun from scrolling the king pepe gun with the king pepe scrolls tho. SUPER lucky, 6 slots passed! it certainly made up for my mistake in forgetting to take the boxes and capsules for revo gun and exp. Was so depressing to see ppl speed lvl with the capsules which i forgot to take zzzz. Didnt have much use inv space that time so i left it till later to take... only that i forgot to take it on the last day of the event haiz. sianz. and i chiong wh to lvl 70 for the box, thinking that it was the same box as the one i missed out... only to find that this gives lvl 50 mech parts instead... oh wells.

Now skidding ard in el nath killing hectors... much slower exp than drakes... but drakes is kinda... crowded... maybe not at this time tho, but i feel a bit sick of all the rude ppl i encounter there... and after training bam and WH there... bleh.

maybe i'll head over to ludi instead... or something...

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