Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maple hates me

Totally wasted my whole day today. think i really tio MHU (Maple Hates You) today. by today i mean this waking day, so that started from like 11+pm on the 28th, till... whenever i sleep later.

ok. not the whole day, but almost 2 hours in maple.

i suck at jump quests... so doing the jump quest to toad is a chore and very slow process... jumped up to find toad a total of 6 times, 5 times there wasnt any toad, 1 time there was already 2 other guys standing there staring at the toad, and not afking zzzzzzzzzzzz not possible to ks them with my noob damage... no point either plus i dont like ks wars and such... gave up after that...

than tried to vega... but only gathered 4 ppl... the rest were not free to help bot... so that failed to.

in the end went hob king pq a few times with law n flame... best thing i got was a dagger att 60 from the boss...

3 bored heros at rex pq. we were getting more n more bored + sleepy by the min doing this pq.

sighz... wanted to get some exp from toad but no luck at all. went krex n scar/targ already else i would have gone to those...

now i'm bored n trying to hunt crogs on the ship btw ellina n orbis. 3rd try n no spawn sighz.

wasted my maple day really... shd have like trained my bam or smthing. tmr going out with my mum in the afternoon.

actually yest i was quite lucky... got 6 POTs from red map 4 in abt an hour... super duper lucky... feels like the hot and cold situation like very long ago... where i'd get really a lot of POTs in an hour or so, than very few for the next few days or more... guess my luck ran out after that.

ok, in some less depressing news, i got my beach chair on hero at last... will only have enough points to get the chair once... oh wells.

ok, i gave up mapling for today... nothing else that i feel like posting abt now... tata.

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