Friday, July 31, 2009

zomg, chemchem is rich!

yes, i'm rich now... but at the cost of rl $ >< brought quite a lot of keys to open the gold boxes... $3 each sio... but thk god i did get some good stuff... dragon sleve with 9 slots, dusk raven with 9 slots, a bunch of other noob eq with 8/9 slots that i've not sold out a single one, this broom witch chair which fetched me 300m, a white scroll that legendary kwanhua bought for 350m... a mushmom eraser... a chaos scroll 60% which i have scrolled... basically... its like gacha... but with a better chance of getting good stuff.. which of cos, screwed up market prices. prices of stuff like gene30 n mw20 has dropped by a ton now... only sb i got has been the bow expert30... sells for ard 9m or so... blah...

still... all in all, i now have enough for a wa 18 maple shield, with $$$ to spare. BUT hell did i spend a bunch of real life $$$ on it >< yeah its so d@mn tempting to keep opening those boxes. but i guess its abt enough for me... i've got enough meso and spent enough cash... so yeah >< gotta save up when sch reopens man ><

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