Thursday, July 2, 2009

no so good day at d. wyverns

yeah... bad day at wyverns today.... not only did ma keep interrupting me, and caused me to use more pots... but also d. wyverns was really mean... didnt get a single eq drop, let alone skill book drop... unlike yest i got like... 5 or 6 of them. only dropped my 2 monster cards, which shd mean i've gotten like 10 cards out of them so far... but nope, no 2nd dish 20... still, despite me spending like 61.5m on dish 30 whereas this guildmate of mine got a dish 30 bk at a real cheap deal of 18m... he failed his dish 20 bk today which he hunted for like 1 week pass to finally get it... :( really feel sad for him...

trained my SM a bit today... lvled twice to 44, end up i went back mcpq... cos its more fun than training elsewhere... and i get cions super fast... like i tink have 44 cions or smthing le??? super fast... can exchange for another necklace already.... :D (but that means i shd stay and collect 120 more coins to scroll it :X) if the neck got gd stats then i no nid keep xfer the neck btw the two chars le. so suay loh... i used my SM help me finish scrolling the neck i got for my fighter last time... both scrolls failed :( end up only +30hp n mp :( lucky last time my sis help me scroll it passed :D else... the neck from got a lot of value become no value liao... cos its a +2 int neck :D plays a huge role in getting my 50 (or 60 now with maple leaf) int set ok? dont laugh say y warrior want +2int neck :X its crucial to my 30k with hb plan :X

which brings me to the point that... i may not be able to reach 17/18k hp by 160 with my current int set :X in fact, my calculations shows that i cant... but than i'm assuming that i get the least amt of hp increase per lvl n per AP. so... really no idea. only at 67% on my hero... wanna train to 70% before calling it a day... and i really hope i can get a dish 200 by tmr night... hunted ard.... 7 hours thus far? cos i afked/talked to my mum just now i consider today as just hunt for 3 hours bah... same for yest... i start hunting at d. wyvern dunnoe how long b4 my 2X. but i afked abt 20mins to bath... and slacked a bit to read forums and such... even then i think 4 hours is an underestimate but well... considering that i'm killing so much faster than last time (last time nid over 6 hits, kill once at a time, now i kill in 3 hits flat, up to 3 mobs in a go) i shd get my dish much faster now... i want that 10Xm to sell badly :X imagine if i am really that patient to hunt like 5 of them... that's over 500m for me... ard the amt needed for my wa shield... so yeah... i guess that's my motivation... i mean... i'm 13X already and still using a noob 115wa dsr... i really want to upgrade le :X of cos... aft getting enough $ for the ms, i still nid to hunt piece of times and other materials... :X and yes, i've decided that an MS with at least 15 wa, and a 1H reverse (self forged) is the way to go. still, i think by the time i'm done with both i'll be 14X already at least. the 1H reverse nids adv monster cry 2 and 3, which i can get from skele drops... and from hunting a few skeles yesterday... they are super painful (3k++ laser) and i take super long to kill them... so... gah... my SM wld have a better chance at it... lol. 11X Sm can 2Hit skele already cos of the holy charge like skill... oh wells... another reason to train my SM. and a reason not to abandon it at 120 unless my hero is at least 15X by then - it can be used for farming. 2hit ko at skele = no hit by laser = make $$$... so yeah... oh wells... we'll just wait n see wat happens... i'm not gonna train my SM during my 2x slot anyways... so i guess at most, MOST my sm will be is lvl 80 when sch reopens... even then i think its a way overestimate... i think trying for lvl 70 is a bit more realistic? oh wells... we'd see :X

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