Thursday, July 2, 2009

sch beckons...

ok, so i've got to wake up early this friday to sign up for my next year's modules. belinda is going for all the T4 classes so i'll just follow suit. really cant be bothered to look at the rest. chances are that its just a swap of timing anyway (i have class A when u have class B, when u have class A i'm having class B) so not much to choose from... just the labs maybe... but anyways... the time table really sucks... a quick glance in the electives list aft saving in my core modules in plan 1 shows that like almost every single elective has a nice looking asterick beside it... i.e. timing clash. :X I HATE THIS!!!! ALL the business modules clash... and i NEED to clear 1 business module before i graduate! and yet it like almost ALWAYS CLASHES! how am i even going to be able to clear my elective to graduate???? gosh! my friend says she's not taking any electives cos of the clashes... but imma gonna clear at least 1 anyway... actually, i wanna clear 2 this sem :X so long as the time table permits :X shall be hard working and camp in front of the comp during the add drop week and snach any possible places :X (not of courses that i'm too ridiculously not interested/weak in tho :X, that'll make me flunk my exams and pull down my gpa) haiz.... still not decided on whether to take jap 2 or not... oh wells... the time table planner shows that it clashes, but i haven checked out every single class yet... it might only be some classes that clash (but yet they will still show as asterick... but most of the time no such luck, i really tried to open up all the electives, all the classes last sem) oh wells.... and a lot of the modules show like over 100% of ppl signing up... arghs... i hate this! still i think we are much more lucky than nus ppl... with their bidding system they might not even get thier core modules... haha!

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