Saturday, July 25, 2009

Patch on 29th july!

there's gonna be a patch on 29th july, and got some exciting changes/events coming up. here's the patch notes:
Boss Balrog
The infallible Balrog, who was sealed up in the Underground Temple at Sleepywood by Tristan a decades ago, has been slowly preparing to be resurrected. Mu Young was emphatic in his request that YOU must prevent Balrog, who’s standing past the sealed-up door, from fully resurrected, and that YOU must be prepared to face him. Balrog should not be underestimated! Form up your Squad with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 30 players to go against him!

Monster Carnival Season 2
Players between level 51 ~ level 69 take note! Monster Carnival Season 2 is out! With more powerful Monsters, battle out with your friends and stand a chance to win yourself with fabulous equipments! Form up a party of 2 to 6 players and talk to Spiegelmann located in various towns to participate in the Monster Carnival Season 2 NOW!

Creation of New Knight of Cygnus Character
Knights of Cygnus can now be created without the restriction of a level 20 character! You may now choose to create Knight of Cygnus Character or Adventurers from the Character Creation Page!

Window Mode
Window mode is now implemented for your convenience! You may now choose to play MapleSEA in Window Mode! Simply make your selection under System Option!

Monster Box
Treasure Box will now drop from monsters in MapleSEA! Stand a chance to get RARE items like Reverse Weapons and Timeless Weapons from these Boxes! There will be 2 types of Boxes!
Gold Box – Dropped by only Singapore & Malaysia map Bosses.
Silver Box – Dropped by all other level 20 and above monsters.
Monster Box alarm – 10 most popular gachapon item & timeless & reverse items will be announced!

Gachapon Alarm
Gachapon alarm has been implemented. Announcements will be made once you have gotten Top 100 most popular Items from the Gachapon Machines!

Master M Event (Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009)
Help the Special Agents protect against Master M! As long as you are level 10 and above, join the Special Agents by speaking to NPC Gaga and work hard to earn what it takes to become the Ultimate Agent. Look out for what you can get from the agents and be WOW by the items you get from them!

Celebrating Independence Day Event (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009)Test your knowledge about History of both Singapore and Malaysia and win yourself with Independence day item!
How to win the Independence Day item?
Simply visit Joyce, the event master and test your knowledge on either SG or MY history to receive the Sunglasses with either SG or MY Flag Design depending on the test selected.

[b]Gold Richie’s Gold Compass Event [/B](Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009)The richest man in the world of Maple, Gold Richie’s treasure has been destroyed! Help Gold Richie by talking to NPC Cassandra to find back his treasure and get rewarded!

Pendent of Spirit (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009)
Visit NPC Cassandra to redeem your Spirit Pendent! What does it do? You got to explore and you will definitely not regret getting it!

New items have been added to the Gachapon! – Gritto’s Wisdom Ring
(Level 70, FAME 100+, INT +2, LUK +2) – Harmonia’s Forceful Ring
(Level 70, FAME 100+, STR +2, DEX +2) – Ice Chair – Portable Meal Table – Little Snow House – Brown Sand Rabbit Chair – Amoria Couple Chair – Rubber Ducky Bath – Round the Campfire – Baby Bear’s Dream – Teru Teru Chair

Cash Shop Update
New Equipments will be loaded to the Cash Shop in version 0.78 patch.

[Equip] Elite High School Uniform
[Equip] Elite High School Uniform
[Equip] Dark Purple Rainbow Shoes
[Equip] Pluto Hero Package I
[Equip] Pluto Hero Package II
[Etc] Gold Master Key
[Etc] Silver Master Key
[Package] Pluto Hero Package I
[Package] Pluto Hero Package II

- Pluto Hero Package consists of items not sold individually and include stats. – List stats
Pluto Legend Hall – Weapon Attack +2, Magic Attack +2
Pluto Flame Cape – Speed +5, Jump +2
Neon Sign Amulet – Weapon Defense +5
Pluto Hero Suit – STR +1, DEX +1, LUK +1, INT +1

[Mesos Drop Adjustments]
Tax for Mesos dropped to the field has been added

Bug Fixed
Reported Bugs Fixed!

[Mesos Drop Adjustments]
Tax for Mesos dropped to the field has been added

[2X EXP Event on a Fresh New Month!]
Prepare yourself for the fresh new month and enjoy 2X the EXP on the first weekend of the month on 1st and 2nd of August 2009 from 1400hrs to 1600hrs.

MCPQ season 2 is finally here! apparently u can get a medal that adds +10 to all stats! GODLY MEDAL! untradeable duh... dunnoe if can SOK, cos that 10int would really help my hero... >< okay, not gonna train my sm who's still stuck at lvl 57 now. mcpq all the way!

windows mode - at last! can switch btw maple n other windows easily now.

monster box event - a good way for them to earn $$$. no idea how much they will sell their key at ><

and yes, a cash shop package that gives stats! wonder how much it will cost >< if its not TOO ex i will buy it aft all my cash shop items expire. >< that +2wa on weapon... *drools* but then again, considering the way they are, its most likely to be super ex... see how lah... changing my eqs and stuff will give more more wa than that. maybe when i'm higher lvl still then i will buy. unless its cheap, but obivously its not gonna be. somemore when buy have to get the whole package.

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