Wednesday, July 1, 2009


okays... so since i INSIST on maxing booster on my SM... and tho at 1st i didnt really wanna add panic/coma on SM... but then i saw someone post an SS of their SM doing 6 digit damage in skele... so that changed my mind :D so i'm totally gonna abandon FA now. i'll still have some points in it cos i got nothing better to add, cos like soul and iron body is equally useless... so yeah... i'll max booster and rage in 2nd job no matter wat. lvl 42 only... wanna get to lvl 50 fast for 1 more wa boost :D gonna migrate to truckers on the next lvl...

and hmph... my hero's maxed brandish! which means my sm now has a 13 wa and acc boost :D yay! next to max is AC! than stance... after which i'll have to take a step back and consider whether to add achilles or rush... or enrage??? oh wells... still a ways to go. but now i feel like rushing my sm... cos 1H ko at skele means good $$$! which i'm desperately short of.. but still, even tho training at SM is faster... from lvl 42 to 110 still takes a lot of time... since i'm NOT a leecher... :X oh wells... just let things be i guess... oh and since i bought another montly 2x card which means at night i WILL be training my hero... went back d. birds last night, got like 3 monster card (but useless since i maxed out already) but no dish. quite a few eq drops tho. more or less... breakeven? okay lah... not pot spamming there anymore. estimate ard... 1230hp pots per hour? still acceptable... exp not too fast tho... but i guess now that i'm lvl 130... exp will nvr be fast again (unless i leech but i will not). oh wells... back to my SM

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