Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oh wow! for the 1st time ever scribefire's upload pic thingy works! anyway's that's the pic of my soloing ice knight at time temple yesterday. and basically, that's where i've done the quest up to. have not paid the 1mil bucks to die yet, cos i'm a cheapo and i still haven earn back my pot money for this round of poting. plus, it doesnt help that i already cant kill at cg regret well. so going to the red mobs now will just be super pot burn. 4k+ damage each! OUCH!

okays, let me try to upload the rest of the SS i took over the... dunnoe how long i've not posted.

okay, 1st up is LQ n her dar's wedding! 1st time i got invited to a wedding!

so sweet, 'married' on his bday! 1st time i use a weather effect:


Genesis, blizzard, metero... all 3 mage ultimates!

Photo taking session

At the bonus map thingy place. No mobs left to kill :(

At the top...

End of wedding...

Using the owl for the 2nd time, to find AC book 3

2 pages of results!

in the end i bought the book from someone else, at slightly cheaper at the mkt price. i think i paid 7 or 7.5m for the book...
hurrah! it passed!

Level 23 AC now!

some pics of me whacking at mong. was super hard for me to the an SS of my highest damage, cos i'm using a lappy and i need to press and hold the Fn button while pressing the F12 button to take an SS... while pressing my dish button too...

As you can see, i took the pics during my 2x exp.

training at duku = stunation

see how duku loves to root me to the ground?

see how many mongs i've killed? and those etc items are from only 1 night's training

more stuns from duku. soloing at duku while 3hit ko is... super stunning

stance book 2 passed in 1st try! the book was free from a guildmate of mine so yeah :)

more pics of dying dukus. told ya its hard to get an SS with me doing damage

the 1st SB i got from duku (and only one thus far) - elemental boost!

stance book 3 passed!!!

oh, a rare pic of my SM! i went to fetch the egg for the mount to hatch it, but i dont have the 10million to buy the mount :(

arh, finally, the SS of me soloing papu!

1st papu downed!

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