Saturday, July 25, 2009

that's all for today!

wanted to upload massive amount of SS, but the blogger thing isnt working properly it seems... trained for like 5hours++ at time temple. didnt get a singe piece of time till like... at 1.45am, aft training for like... 5hours? then got 2 withing 10mins, and then no more again liao. that brings my total POT count to 4... BRAVO! 41 more POTs to go... whee >
Soloed papu yesterday, twice. took me a 17mins the 1st time round, and 18mins on the 2nd try. keep kena kb - until sometimes get dispeled too. spent ard 130 honsters per run, but thankfully the pot gains alone will pay for my honster cost. super lucky on my 2nd run, got ice demon 30, and 2 pieces of eq, oh and the monster card too. too bad the monster card is useless to me since i already got all 5 cards from tiank last time :( but yeah... cool eh? my little n00b crus has really grown up! sometimes i still cant accept the fact that my char is so strong now - yes i'm no where compared to those 16X or 18X heros, but hey, at 147, i've got dish and ac maxed, and a decent lvl of stance. basically, my basic bossing package is complete already. it thrills me when ppl ask me to go scar bossing and such, and this time i know for sure that i will be a contributor, rather than a bystander. however, thanks to the ever persistent hack shield error, i will dc from scar, zak etc... :( so basically i tried scaring but failed. sian. cant even get back my scar helm now, haiz. its great when i look at the guild namelist and realise that all those ppl who zoomed past my lvl previously thru the usage of spam service are like... either just 1 or 2 lvls ahead of me, or way behind my lvl... just realised today that... even my senior in the family system is also 6 lvls lower than me!!!!!! cool! as for my junior, who was so extremely close to over-taking my lvl, now i'm like, 19 lvls ahead of her... phew... of cos most ppl have sch already, so i hardly ever see my senior or junior online... and yeah my own sch is abt to start in 2 weeks time... but its cool isnt it? i did it all by myself! yeah, i used a monthly 2x card, and yeah pting with ringer at times really help... but no i did not pay anyone to spam me, nor did i pay anyone to pt with their ringer. and yes i do feel proud of my achievement. hehe, even my guildmaster who is in NS now will soon be overtaken by me! will try to lvl tmr, which will make me same lvl as him liao... hehehe :D

still, it'll take me quite a while to be able to 2hit skele, CG of regret, dukus, etc... quite a ways from my goal of 600m for the eq upgrades too. and now the deflation of the price of ilbis, most likely due to hacker flooding the wolf spiders hunting grounds really doesnt help. it makes me kinda wonder how i shd make my $. its hard to get a map at wolf spiders with all the hackers, plus the fact that ilbi prices have dropped lik 10m from 30-34m to 21-25m makes me feel really.... reluctant to hunt ilbis anymore. what's more that day i hunted for over 2 horus at spirit vikings to no avail, and i've hunted previously at wolf spiders for over 2 hours to get NOTHING too. haiz. hunted at d. wyverns for a while yest as well. no SB. oh wells. now dish 2 ppl sell at 48m but no one buy. guess i'll need to wait at least 1 month for enough ppl to become heros and buy the skillbooks off the mkt so that prices can start to rise. oh that time i lent my guildmate my dish20. feel so bad for him - he hunted on and off for 1 week plus, to finally get the book, only to fail it. wat's more his hero 131 already. ya i guess he leeched most of the way there (i still remember he was only a fighter just a few months back, then a crusader, than a hero, when i'm still lagging way behind!), but just feel sad when i see him hunting at d wyvern with dish 10. so i lent him the book which he passed this time around. aft that he hunted 1 back n return me... so i got another book to loan any hero in need... gah, basically i'll only lend to fellow forumers from the hero's lounge whom i'm familiar with, and bascialy only flame would need/be able to get the book (same world). see if he need bah, it'll take quite a while for the dish 2 price to go anywhere near my ideal selling price. ideally i'll like to sell the book at 100m, but if can sell for 80m or so i guess its ok le. anyways, i'm patient and i can wait >< after all it'll take me very long to get my funding for the wa shield. really ponering whether to hunt ilbis or at bye-bye now. haiz. ilbis is all see luck loh. thing is that i want to wait till the price increase back again, which once again, is not gonna happen any soon. haiz.

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