Saturday, July 25, 2009

SS part 2

solo papu - 2nd try

This time round i managed to get some pics DURING the fight :D here's papu knocked all the way to the corner, just nice the SS was taken when he did 1/1

Clock sleeping...

here u can see my damage more clearly. not the max damage tho... hard to time my SS

body 2 of clock!

well b2 fight is much easier and rather risk free, so i took more SS :D

how low can my brandish damage go? that's ard the lowest i guess ><

after seeing the lowest, i give you the highest i managed to SS.

and the drops! i got a: red katte, green cresent boots, 49 milks, 35 power elixirs, 55 dews, ice demon 30, and 42 elixirs. too bad the monster card is wasted as i already got all 5 cards from tiank.

went to hunt jr. balrogs to get my key, as part of the enraged quest. made a mini picture guide on doing the quest in the mean time. shant repeat the pictures again, but if you want, here's the link to my mini guide.

and that's all the SS i have for now :)

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