Thursday, July 2, 2009

erm... thks but its the wrong one Mr. D. Wyvern

okay, so aft blogging i went back to hunt/train a bit more... and decided to on my 2X drop rate from family rep. like abt... half way? thru the 30mins... Mr D wyvern pitied how i hunted to whole of my monthly 2x exp slot today w/o getting anything and decided to drop my a SB... the wrong one sadly... :(

zzzzzz blogger image upload somehow isnt working right now... :X let me try with scribe fire...

okay... doesnt work either :X i'll try again tmr/later :X

okay... i think the webby was down just now... now let me try again :X

okay, that's the bk Mr D wyvern gave me today

beside it is my AC bk2, which i pulled out from my storage in anticipation of me lvling anytime. when i lvl i'll have 5 in AC and be able to scroll the bk. this is how the 2 looks like before u pick them up...

i'm a D. wyvern killer... testimony of how many D. wyverns i killed today alone.

okays, in the end i still had to manually put in the codes for the pics from the webby... sheesh! well at least i got the screenies up now :X

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