Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farming time

And so the last of my monthly 2x exp has been used up, and now its time to farm for my maple shield. managed to earn quite a bit of $ today, and hunted 20++ power crystal ore (thus the reason why i'm still awake). my aim is to finish farming in 1 month... but might be a bit hard... still i hope i finish getting my entire eq upgrade package by my bday, and have my koc reach max lvl shortly aft that, or before my bday too. with mcpq seaon 2 coming out, i hope i can rush to lvl 70 before sch reopns, while still having time to farm a bit each day. aft that, lvling will be fast once i got a decent lvl of soul driver... and with soul charge n dish... gah... reaching lvl 120 can be done in the the snap of a finger, even with self training.

okay, so here's my current goal:
Before my bday:
Get a maple shield with at least 15wa
Get a reverse 1H - still undecided on whether to scroll or not and with wat scrolls
Get an earring with at least 10 dex
Get a bottom with at least 14dex
Reach lvl 12 blessing for my main char

After that, i'll save up for a... wa 15 wg? or upgrade to a n00b scrolled wa 5 cape.

chemchem lvl 149 already... lvl 29 stance. decided to go for enrage before mw, tho the prices of enrage 20 and 30 does worry me a bit. now that i'll be switching to farming mode, i hope that by the time i need enrage 30 the ht bug is throughly fixed and the prices of enraged 30 will back to the normal price. now its like... 99m for a book! crazy lah! aft that then add mw9. then maybe achilles... oh wells, still quite a ways from there yet ><

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