Sunday, August 2, 2009

at last!

haha, aft 79 lvls i finally got my hog! yes a HOG! was walking to c regrets at TT and i really cldnt stand that slow poke walking spd anymore... since i know i'd be training at lot at TT (i really love the map layout there), and u have to WALK there and back (town scrolls dont work!)... i might as well get a hog + mane now that i'm reach enough to afford it... and now that i've got enough mesos not to feel that heart pain when buying it. maybe i'll get the basic hog for my SM too... than can get rid of the egg in my etc inv... my SM short of 5m to buy it... see how...

was informed by my guildmate that aft the last server check the gold box items suxs. a friend of his boxed 70 boxes, got a gene 30 in the 1st box, and the rest just npc-able items... guess it just strengthens my resolve NOT to open any more boxes. guess i wont be getting mw20 for a while yet, so i'll go back to adding enrage 1st when lvling. thankfully i already got enough $ to get my wa 18 shield (any higher is really just too expensive, it'll be ard 200++m per wa from there on). so now all i've gotta do is locate a seller, and farm that 40 more time pieces...

okays, reach leafre now, gotta buy the revitaliser thing to feed my hog n get it to lvl 3 so i can upgrade to a sliver mane, of cos i gotta hunt the npc items to upgrade too ><

alrights, till next time!

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