Wednesday, July 29, 2009


almost time for bed... slept super late last night and yet for some unknown reason woke up earlier than usual... trained at duku till i wanted to fall asleep >< made ard 10m or so meso today, then go really really bored n went mulang training center. racked up 1.5k points today and got my blue belt! +3 to all stats, and that increases my acc by 1! check strategy wiki.. for some strange reason i didnt see the avoid of the was stated in there last time >< anyways, the last mob at time temple needs 172 acc to 100% hit, so that the acc i'm striving for now. considering to make a blue/green neos pants instead of buying a pre-scrolled one. the total of 8 acc (with adv garnet) will help a lot. the trouble is that power crystals are ex and hard to hunt. garnets i still get rather easily, bye bye station mob drops loads of them. just hunting there yesterday n totday i got over 70 ores. plus with those normal jewels there's a 5% chance to get an advanced crystal when grading, compared to the mere 1% of the crystals... sheesh! no wonder adv crystals are so hard to come by (not to mention expensive!) might end up using an intermediate power crystal on my reversed 1H too. so if it really fails or i scroll n boom it i wont get a heart attack?

finally went to get my legendary spirit skill today. plan to use to it scroll the maple claws i got... hope i dont end up booming all of them ><

so that's 605 quests done... but considering that mcpq will give medals (at least from KMS info) that add 10 to each stat, i will just get 2 on my SM (unless each char can only get one then zzzzzzzz) and SOK it over... 10 to each stat is really ALOT. the luk n dex there will give 13 acc. since now i have like... 148 acc i think while wearing my spd shoe, that gives me 161 acc. the extra 12 needed can be easily covered with a bottom upgrade alone, or by getting a 10dex earring, and making a bottom with +8 acc instead of the +3 that i'm wearing now. not to mention that i will get more acc as my koc lvls up. alrighty... let's see what tmr's patch brings! aidos!

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