Friday, July 3, 2009

lalala.... such good days... wish it'll nvr end

well... lvled my SM to 46 today, and collected enough coins to change for a necklace and scroll 1 slot. 1+ to all necklace... blah... but on the bright side, the marble passed :)

then aft that went train/hunt on my hero... got yet another big bang 20... gah! watever would i nid that for??? lvled, added AC to lvl 5, and scrolled my AC bk 2... BUT it failed!!! sheesh! cldnt bear to wait till my 2x exp finish, so i went to draw the book out from my storage... and thankfully this time round it passed :D gotta thank nick n jp for the 2 books :D went back n hunt dish again and... at like 1.15am my efforts were rewarded! hurrah!!!! now i got enough $ to train for quite a while :) not sure if i shd continue hunting yet more bks to sell, or to go train at dukus... wanted to go make a thread in forum to sell my dish 20... BUT i saw someone just made a thread, selling dish20, a/w at 90m!!!! eh! spoil the market leh! i'm sure it can fetch over 100m one! so no choice loh... i will hold the book for a while till i get a good offer :) so long as the price doesnt drop i can wait :D hehehe... now that i got my dish20 scrolled (brandish maxed in fact) i hope the price of dish 20 increases so i can make more profit... hehehe :D well spiders will probably make better targets to make $$$... but the exp at wyverns is better... tho not much now either... :X abt... 10 odd % per hour with 2x? i dunnoe, but i only managed to get ard 40% in 4 hours of 2x exp :X dukus wld definitly be better training targets... skeles are still way too painful :X

yups, that's abt it for now... and a few SS i took to entertain myself while training/hunting:

failed the 1st AC bk 2

thankfully it passed on the 2nd try

the hellslayer n sliver grace helmets are drop from wyverns... guess they are really nice to me today... got a total of 3 eq drops!

really wasnt expecting the dish20 to drop... thought i wont get anymore SB today since they dropped me another big bang 20 earlier on.

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