Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evan storyline!

despite how i've try various apps, i still the thing to show my latest few tweets in the blogger sidebar to work properly. all you see now is a nice picture, and nothing else... T.T

using twitter as a more convenient way to just "blog" a few lines abt myself/what i'm doing now... but sadly its not quite reflected in teh blog here.

i've actually got tons of stuff to write abt... but than again not enough time.

evan was out eons ago, and i too, have happily played on the class. won some nice prizes from the evan weekly FB quiz + retweet contest... since i've uploaded the pics already.... let me go dig em out....

1st, the large orange mushroom plushie from the retweet contest!

wells its not really like... those half a body size kinda huge... but it is quite large alright --> i've placed my ez-link card on this pic for comparison

and a totally cute speaker i got from the FB contest

yeah, glad i got this instead of the headphones (not that i really need this as well, but i dont use those type of headphones either, and this is much cuter!) and no, you dont get to choose at all.

ok... before i go on abt evan... i must say this:

yup, just about the whole HERO'S LOUNGE is playing MH now... :) come join us in the lounge if u play hero or MH :)

ok... so evan came out... msea changed the encoding, the guy who helped HS extract MSEA info quitted, theres no more new extraction for msea on south perry either... thankfully there's one other msea mod alive and together we've been doing quite a bit of the evan updates. all that's lefts are the quests stuff that's done halfway. now we're only relying on gms information and of cos the own SSes that we took while playing the game. tons of missing links and such in the site... and as many have complained, aran quests are STILL MISSING! all these quests stuffs are really tedious to add, and more importantly, we have to rely on our own SSes to write the steps (or from other users). very tedious to add. i realised thailand quests arent added properly either, some are missing while the instructions of others are just plain incomplete. sighz. i didnt take note of the quest steps/rewards properly when i used my evan to do them tho :( guess i'll have to use another char to do and record when i get ard to adding those in.

so yes, i'm doing all sorts of quests on my evan. pretty much... abandoned my aran for now. although their skills do seem quite fun, training aran is a real CHORE. no have nvr and will nvr use any hacks or botting programs... and really that tap tap tippity tapping non stop really takes a toll on ur fingers and wrist. in like an hour of training my hands start complaining already. seriously not the way to go for raising the char for my bless of fairy. so yeah, i've decided to lvl my evan for that purpose instead. already spent 12bucks to sok my dear zak helm over to evan (who is now lvl 53 and happy with the wonderful WD from the zhelm) the same helm that linddy took my naked crus over to zak to pick (after throwing out like 2 others to get this 16str, 15all helm), which sadly i only used for 1 week since scar/targa was released in the same week, and just 7 days later linddy soloed both bosses for several loungers to get helmed (thank you so much! i'll nvr forget it!)

quite a waste of a zhelm to be only used for 7days, so when KoC came out, i cutted the helm over... now that my SM has reached his end (or rather, start as a storage char), i've xfered it to my evan. i promise i wont throw out or sell this helm... its really a precious gift and a reminder of the time when i 1st committed to training my crusader, my struggles of a new, unfunded warrior (and despite being super high dex, facing acc problems since i had 0 acc/dex eqs)... a reminder of those times when maple wasnt so full of meso sellers, hackers, kids scolding vulgarities like every other minute... yeah... brings back memories...

heh, the other msea mod just bugged me on msn. nowadays it goes like this: he does the quests while training his evan and adds them in at the same time. i go ard to add all the relevant links when he's done creating the quests. a win-win for both of us perhaps. adding quests is really very tedious stuff... you have to do the quests, write down the steps, find all the nodes for the places etc, then link up things like... you have to go to XX etc item, edit it, and add in which quest it is used for... go to XX npc, edit, and add in the quest they are involved in... so this way we do half of each... (and i know many quests do not have their linking done properly.... suxs)

back on evan. i really like the evan storyline. some lament on what happened to the black magician story line that was started by aran... honestly, if u look carefully, evan and aran storyline follows each other closely... just that evan, in his quest to help everyone... has unknowingly helped the black wings. well my char is only at lvl 5X, and my aran at 6X... but:

aran goes to defeat the puppeteer in the cave at the evil eye 3 map. evan comes along while doing the herb quest and finds an abandoned doll who says its master (aka francis the genius puppeteer, aint this line familiar? its used in both KoC and aran quest!) got injured (by aran i guess), and evan brings potions and tablecloths for the doll to take care of its master.

later, evan becomes a temp member of the secret society and helps them make a rapid growth stimulator, which we will know from the aran storyline was used to make ultra big neapendeaths in an attempt to make orbis sink and steal the sealed stone of orbis. the guy that appeared in the seal garden in the aran storyline will later appear in the evan storyline, but i've not gotten there yet (i know cos i've read a quest guide based on KMS, and of cos, its in the 0.92 msea quest extraction which i added into HS)

anyway... evan... the baby dragon starts of really cute... its losses its cuteness later on, but starting at lvl 50, starts to look more fierce and magnificent. the skills arre pretty flashly, and with the unique 10 masteries, they seem to have alot of skills to play ard with... and of cos, all that extra sp from quests means they get to master ALL their skills, something that no other job is able to do, making them really really cool (once u reach high enough lvl)

downside is that their bossing ability... despite some nice skills like killer wings... i believe its still nowhere near that of warrior chars (no need to talk abt even better damage dealers like NL, BM, or capt). their mg at max lvl give 70% of the damage taken as mp only, not 80% unlike gms or other mage jobs (WTH, really!) and lasts shorter. low hp is still a problem for mage classes... tho i think the crits are pretty good. they get skills that hits up to 8... but the dark fog that hits up to 15 like the rest of the mage ultis only come at lvl 160 (ouch!) and have a 20 sec CD time, making it much like pala's sanc (but palas can get it maxed at lvl 133 if they follow the sanc 1st path!) evans have to wait till 160 to even get access to the skill! i think the damage is enough to 1hko at TT though - i heard from my friend that is (which would make it better than sanc), but honestly i've not put much attention into high lvl evan skill analysis yet since i'm still quite far away.

my char is pure int too... since i dont have any mage eqs. AT ALL. so i guess my last weapon upgrade will be to maple widam... hope i can get a decently scrolled one from the anniversary event later on... hope i have time to get one done >< since...

i'm going on holiday to taipei next week form 14th to the 21st. of June yes. we only booked the hotel and tickets online this morning at like 3am... well shant go into the details right now... its already 20mins into the 2x exp time slot and i've got plenty of research to do for the free and easy trip too. you're probably sick of reading this by now eh?

signing off... till next time!

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