Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 4

9:17pm 17th July
Woots! The 1st time we returned so early to the hotel! My feet are dying!!!

Went to sogo at Zhongshan fuxing mrt area. Two Sogos there. The place was just like takashimaya... Walked ard, then went to Taipei 101. Took the train to the nearest stn, and visited some shops on the way to the Taipei 101. Got some foldable fans from daiso, and saw like two muji shops. At 1st we wanted to go up the Taipei 101 to a reaturant on the 85th floor, but the min expenditure was NT800 per pax... Double the price of the ticket to the observatory on the 101st floor. However... aft seeing the view from the shanghai television tower last year... And comparing to the run down buildings in Taipei which makes up like half or more of the buildings, we decided to skip the visiting. Got some souveniors tho, got the bookmarks and my sis got a notepad. Walked ard page one bookshop for a while, the stationary are quite cute, quite alot of Japanese stuff. We saw quite alot of jap stuff in sogo too. Prices are quite ex, I think it's even more ex than borders and kino. Alot of all the high class ex shop like prada and Chanel in the area, no interest in those so we went to ximending aft that. Went to a Japanese restuarant for a super late lunch. Food was good, and prices reasonable. Nothing that really caught our fancy there, prices of stuff ain't particularly cheap. Cheaper, but not by much. And the stuff sold are pretty much the same things amongst the diff night market and shopping areas, and at similar prices. The shoe my sis got yesterday - saw it twice today, sold at exactly the same price. My dad got a pair of Clarks sandals today, his sports shoe wasn't suitable for walking long distances and it was really hurting... Well at the distances we were walkig and standing, even my feet are hurting like crap tho my sports shoe fits me perfectly. The sandals he got is very worth it IMO, looks nice, and is quite a deal at ard 100sgd - 60% off! Genuine Clarks leather sandals...

Went to buy some 卤味 back to the hotel, then went to eat 牛肉面 on the way back. Had one with the beef tendons + beef and another was a mix. With beef tripe, tendons, meat... Both were super nice, and at 9+sgd, is quite okay. Quite a large bowl, tastes super nice. The beef taste was uber strong, really really love those!

That's pretty much each for today. Sounds really unexciting now, but I'm getting tired and lazy to type more now. Shall add in more next time.

Tmr gonna wake up earlier to go yangmingshan. Gonna sleep now, once again it's past midnight already - I do stuff in btw typing like bath, watch tv, eat and such so yeah, alot of time passes in between. Ok, nite nite!

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