Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Evan equip package

so i did purchased the evan cash shop package... and not just for 1 char, but BOTH hero and evan... dunnoe why i feel so generous with my $... but i guess the PERMANENT part abt the set is really too much for me to resist... com'on, a decent looking CS set - that certainly looks alot better than a scar helm or zak helm... for only 16.5k acash, and it will NVR expire... really worth it if you are into spending acash on maple... the last time i dressed up my hero was with the matrix set, as can be seen on the side bar of the blog... the whole set cost way abv 30k... and EXPIRES! got the set cos of the nice matrix effect... few sets have a nice special effect to it, you have to buy the special effect separately... :( still, one thing i didnt know abt the evan set was that the special effect is only there when you STOP MOVING. once u move, the effect disappears. you have to stand still for a few secs before it reappears. the effect is there when u stand still while riding a mount, but sadly NOT when you are sitting on a chair :( still, 33k on TWO chars when i previously spent more on a single char and everything expires... quite worth it IMO. (i'm not gonna talk abt the fundamental issue of whether it is worth spending $$$ on games... items which are essentially pixies, but consider all the $ spend on buying PSP/NDS/XBOX etc etc [the console itself, then the games], all of which i dont own... i guess there are millions of ppl worldwide throwing their buck into pixies eh?)

so now my hero and evan looks quite alike... both with the same eqs (xcept the weapon diff, and yes, i splurged and got my evan the perma wand cover too ><)... even teh same ultra ulgy looking owl mask. spend 10bucks on some CS surprise... 1st item i got was a wink emoticon - useless cos i wear owl mask and u cant see my expressions, then got a couple of wheel of fortunes and hour glasses, which are essentially useless... and got a 7 day seal, useless too... but then i got 2 CS overalls... sad cos i just got the evan perma set... but i'll still go take a few SSes in them the next time i log in and post it up nonetheless... and then i got a 7day shop and a cracked glasses which covers the owl mask and... bravo, now you can see it when i hit on wink! on the whole... i think i got my 10bucks back.. not bad i guess... and just nice, all my storage chars are full to the brim... but i've been lazy to set up a shop... so they kinda forced me to sell my stuff and lo and behold, i've already cleared quite a few slots in my storage's use inv...!

ok, finally, the pictures...
nothing much to say abt them... the pics from the CS surprise will come the next time i log into my evan... actually was hoping to get a pet on my evan but oh wells...

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