Thursday, June 10, 2010

woots, 2 posts in a day? wait... its past 12midnight...

ok, so i wanted to sort of continue on my evan story...

since i've decided to go all out on evan (and give up aran), i've also set for myself a... kinda bo liao task... to get the quest specialist medal on my evan! sure, with teleport movement speed isnt THAT crucial for mages, but some extra jump wont hurt... plus +3 to all stats is pretty neat. hoping to wear my esther shield with +2int someday (no money for anything better lah), but that means i'll need like... 7 more lk or smthing? the +3 luk will definitely help... in anycase... doing quests gives me another goal to work for apart from just the pure exp and lvl watch (oops, my char is lvl 54 already, gng lvl 55 quite soon) already i purely quested from lvl 49 to 54!

probably will take a slight break from questing and train some bit. trained at extra Ds during the short 2x exp in the afternoon (was still blogging remember?), aka showa ah lians as some ppl call it... a name that i find really funny a amusing :)

quests done so far: 331
not bad eh? almost halfway there (haven done ludi, china, kft, mulung quests yet - i've not even been there lol. orbis/aqua road quests done halfway, or maybe less than halfway haha)

been reading bryan wong's blog for the past 2 days or so. my sis chanced upon his blog to find that its amazingly updated... yes, bryan wong the media corp artise. and yes his blog is updated! with very nice pics of his travels, shows, entries on his emotions/thoughts etc... he's set up a fb page and twitter too, but his twitter isnt very updated... anyway his fb page is at

lol, why i am so random to start promoting his blog etc you ask? well honestly i've been quite a fan of bryan and kim ng... i remember the time when they hosted shows after shows after shows together... their shows were abt all that i watched on tv... and these days with the much decreased standards of many sg tv shows... bryan's shows are just abt all that i watch on chn U/8 (well almost, occasionally there are funny, worthy shows like the —ęp show and the paris and milan show where aunty lucy made her debut... oh the noose is good too, but that's a chn 5 show). esp when there are irritating hosts like mark lee. really really dislike him, idk why he is so popular/hosts/appears in so many shows...

anyway... on tv programs... aint watching any sg made shows atm lol...
hmm, back to bryan's blog... yeah, very surprised that he keeps a blog, keeps it updated, and bothers to upload all those nice pics from his trips/shows etc... very nice entries really. i highly recommend you to go read em :) quite surprised, his english is really good actually... enjoyed reading his entries, really shows the.. human/real? side of him? very interesting experiences that he shared too... was after reading his entries that kinda motivated me to come back to post smthing on my blog :)


ok, so the taiwan trip...

did some more research just now. perhaps half of the research is done already (or more)
tmr gotta plan out the itinerary... and finish up the research.

dl-ed more apps onto my phone... and i've been having quite a blast on doodle buddy. esp with the new color tone thing (now i can use just abt any color under the rainbow!) and glitter brush! gosh, i love the glitter brush! it looks so good from afar/on my iPhone! heh... doodles on mine are nvr meant to be stared at/taken seriously, mind you!

okays... so the pix!

and some random crap i drew previously w/o the nice colors and glitter tool

and on mousehunt... still discovering all that long tail has to offer... but i absolutely LOVE the new trap checks that dont require entire page refreshes... the new crafting/inv and travel page... the much more convenient trap/base/cheese change on the camp page itself... gosh i <3 all the new non-page refresh changes, THEY ROCK! MUACKS MH! really wont mind donating to the game... the devs deserve the donations... however still hesitating since i'm not yet in dire need of sb+ atm, and just remember abt my FB credits which i can use for buying sb+ later on. previously wanted to buy sb+ already, but didnt know how much to donate... the more u donate at once, the cheaper it gets... but the largest amt to donate really is quite a huge sum... plus i've spent some $$$ on buying songs for Tap Tap Revenge... so yeah... see how things goes later on.

man, when i wake up later... it'll be thurs already (i know it IS thurs now already)... and we're flying off on sunday. gosh... so little time left! guess i wont have time to start up on my new training grounds thread till after i come back... gd thing is that the hotel we booked has free wireless! so i can still check up on forums when i'm in taipei... IF i'm not too tired that is. (of cos, i <3 my iPhone!!!)

currently listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift over and over on replay on the cute mp3 speaker i won (connected to my iToy, lame i know, but if u dont use stuff, they'll spoil quite fast). i <3 that song, and can listen to it hours on end...

okays... enough for now... i think its time i update my other blog heh...

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