Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 3 Part 1

9:56am 16 June
Taking the Taiwan railway now. Breakfast at hotel 捷运 or mrt to the Taipei main station changed to railway aka 火车 to Keelung 基隆. Board the train at ard 9:45, will reach ard 10:25 - 10:30am. Total of 10 stops-getting off at the tenth. Quite fast, and the train... I can't quite tell the diff btw trains and mrt except that mrt is short distance, the railway goes to all parts of Taiwan. And there's toilets on the railway trains... Technology wise i think it's essentially mrt technology. Gonna take a bus from Keelung to yeliu later. Btw, train tickets... 43NT for one way per pax, we got the 2 way tickets which offer a 10% discount at a cost of NT312 for 4 ppl.

One point of interest is that the signs in taipei are in Chinese, English, and Japanese. While annoncements like on the railways and mrts are in Chinese, hokkien, Hakka(I think?) and finally English. Japanese words can be seen everywhere. When we went to the night markets the foot massage palors play type recorded advertisements in Japanese....

Okays, that's abt all for now. We've reached!

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