Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 5

1:19am 19 June

Ok, it's super late now and I am tired... Shall make it short and sweet, or at least try to. Went to yangmingshan from the morning till afternoon. Than went back to Keelung and had a ball of a time eating the delicacies at the night market.

Due to time constrains we only visited two sites at yangmingshan. Yangmingshan is a dormant volcanoe. Nonetheless you can still see clouds of sulphur smoking out thru vents at the xiaoyoukang area. Mudpits with boiling water, yellow sulphur accumulated at vent holes, clouds of white smoke withering in all directions before being carried away by the extrememly strong wind... The entire area stunk of sulphur dioxide aka the smell of rotten eggs. The wind there was also exceptionally strong. The ranger told us that the area also happened to be a wind pass, and the wind yesterday and today (past midnight already ah!) is ultra strong. The iPhone app of mine showed like 24km/hour of wind speed. Might be even stronger nearer the xiaoyoukang location. The weather was very nice... The wind was very cooling, felt like the temperature at genting. Sun wasn't too hot either, but cos we were high up in the mountains the UV light is much stronger and well, dive we didn't bring any sun screen... I'm now a little burnt. Not too bad tho, just a little red, not painful or anything. The wind at that location was so strong that you can really get blown forward (or backwards) by the wind. When walking away from the wind, all you need to do is to lift up your leg, and the wind will blow ur leg forward w/o you having to move. Nice eh? Cos of the sulphur, only one type of grass grows in the area. From afar, the vegetation take the appearance of sheets of moss on a rock, similarly existing in clumps, and with hairy like surface. The grass is like macro scale moss... Love how it looks when the long blades of the grass sways in unison to the wind.

The second place is a flatland up in the moutain. They let cows graze in the area, in the past and today. The view fromthe area is quite nice... Getting really tired now...

Went back to keelung for the food thereafter, since we were too full to eat like the day before. Had cream crab, sushi and sashimi, papaya with milk and watermelong with milk, friend oyster and egg, lamb and beef.... Very nice, a must go night mkt, even more food than in shilin me thinks. Ok, I wanna slp now. Shall cont next time. Nites!

On case you guys are wondering, it's 1:44am now, and unlike when I'm at hm and I do nth much the whole day, stay awake till 4-5am... Walking the whole day is really tiring. Thankfully my feet didn't hurt as bad today. Think it's frying more used to it now, but the trip is ending soon anyway... Ok nites!!!

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