Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 2

Ok, 15th July, 10:56pm

Went had breakfast in the hotel. Not an emorous spread, but enough
choices and the food was good. Unlike in china where the food tends to
be too salty and too oily, food in Taiwan is neither, more like the food
in sg... But even tastier =)

took the mrt n a bus to the national palace musuem after that, get off
at shilin stn and take red bus 30 to the last stop. Spent like a total
of 5 hours admiring the collections... Tickets are NT160 for adults btw.
Whole day ticket, you can go out, get in an unlimited no of times in
the day of ticket purchase. Have to leave our backpacks outside tho...
Free deposit service, and very friendly + helpful staff. Ate lunch at a
cafe there... We bought 2 sandwiches and a mango cheesecake which looked
more like a fruit pie... Price was okay, those + 2 drinks n coffes was
ard 30sgd. Considering the place I think the price was okay... And the
food was good! The sandwiches are uber nice! The cheese, the mayo, and
the ham... Very nice mix, and the ham was unlike anything I've tasted in
sg. The meat was very fragrant! Normally in a big mouthful of veggies,
tomato and bread the bland ham would be lost in the ocean, but not this.
Very fragrant taste of the meat-not saltiness, but fragrance. And the
sandwiches ain't small. One set composed of 3 and the other had 4 slices
of regular size square bread. The cake was nice too, looked very
exquisite and overall taste was good, just that I like cheese cakes with
a strong cheese taste like the one from ikea. The cake alone costs NT
80, less than 4 sgd. My mum or it as a set with coffee that costs ard
9sgd for both. The coffee came with a few gold flakes on top... Very
high class cafe eh? Which was why I said earlier that 30bucks total
ain't too ex...

Ok, the museum artifects... Large collection of porcelain items... Must
say beforehand that my family are uber fond of all these stuff... Diff
types of porcelains... My dad collected quite a no. of them... My dad
did quite alot of caligraphy in the past, and my mum learned some as
well, while boh me and my sis admire the beautiful handwriting...
Cravings and such... Furniture... Yeah quite a lot of them. The
porcelain collection was bountiful, and many extremely delicate pieces
of work. Really amazed at how modern looking some of the pieces were.
They can very well fit into any home deco shop of the current age. No
photo taking allowed inside, but we got a guide book and cd from the
shop. Shall try and put in some pics and describe when I'm back in sg.
Kinda troublesome to keep switching btw typing chi n eng here cos I've
got like 5 or 6 keyboards...

We went to the shilin night mkt aft that. Tried alot of local delicacies
today... We had...

蚝煎蛋 - very nice, they plonked tons of tomato sauce ontop. The flour and
egg blended together very well, resulting in a very silky like texture.

青蛙下蛋 - essentially very milky bubble tea. With super alot of pearls.
Liked the taste a lot

炸鸡扒 - very juicy, but I didn't quite like the chilli powder.. I don't
like chilli much...

猪血汤 - gosh I miss this one! Pig blood used to be sold in sg and I
absolutely adore the unique taste and texture of the blocks of blood...
It's like uber smooth, and uber silky... Had it yesterday with the 卤味 as

蚝面线 - normally pronouced in hokkein so idk wat the name shd be in chi.
But a trademark Taiwanese dish, very nice.

木瓜牛奶 - very thick, and the papaya is very sweet. Natural taste of the
fruit, not artificial flavouribg or sugar. The drink is so thick that
when I suck hard enough for the drink to travel up the straw, the straw
travells upwards as well.

芒果雪片 - this dish has reached sg too, but here it's super nice! They've
added condensed milk directly into water, which is frozen into blocks of
ice that gets shaved into thin, snow like strips that melts the moment
you put it in ur mouth.

七里香 - chicken backside but boy they made it so well and nice that it
doesnt stink one bit

Ice cream with a horn shaped biscuit thing instead of a regular cone. We
got the choc n vanilla and it came with chocolate chips! also had the
炸奶油 thing which I mentioned earlier.

The only thing we got today besides food was the CDs... We went to the
cd shop and my sis got two arashi cd and two DVDs. The CDs were like
10-20 sgd a piece and DVDs cost ard 40sgd. Way way cheaper than in sg.
We saw the CDs

In HVM, costs like 40-60sgd each, and they don't sell the DVDs... Can
tell u my sis was absolutely delighted. I'm sure she would have bought
all of the arashi titles but despite how much cheaper it already is, it
still adds up to quite alot. Spent like ard 100bucks on the 4. I didn't
get anything, ain't fond of any particular singer and those songs I
like... I already have them... Why get the cd? Most of the time I only
know one or two songs in the entire cd anyway... -.-'''

Went back to the hotel thereafter. My feet really hurts. 1st the heels
started hurting, then the balls of my feet started hurting too. My sis
is worst tho. Her last two toes were blistering... Shoes ain't too
suitable for walking so much I guess, plus she's flat footed... Even now
my feet are acheing badly...

Sis tried out the DVD in the hotel already. No subs T.T, but very nice
still, got an animated flim of believe. I only watched halfway tho, went
to wash my socks aft that. We've pretty much handwashed almost all of
our clothes lol. Guess we didn't need to being that many clothes here...

I must say that I'm truely impressed by wat I've seen thus far. Many
very very friendly n helpful shop keepers... When ppl on the street
accidentally bump into you, they immediately offer an apology.. And I'm
talking abt youngsters on the street offering a very polite apology,
something u might very well NOT see in sg... And all the shop keepers
I've come across are very friendly, cheerful, happy to answer all the
qns we have... Even when we were only buying a NT20 fried cream stick -
less than $1 SGD - the vendor happily chatted with us, answered our
queries and warned us to eat the fried cream sticks in small mouths so
we don't burn our tougue.

Gng to 野柳,基隆,and 九份 tmr. Getting tired... It's past 12midnight now,
almsot 1am in fact gonna turn in, nite nite! Sad no wifi here haiz, u
guys can only read my posts way later :( really takes alot out of the
'feel' lol. Yeah, did some other stuff in btw the typing... But still
takes very long to type on my itoy. Plus I type alot, battery drained
like 2X% during my typing alone... Shows how long it takes. I wonder how
long is this post... I want a word count! Okok, really shd go slp now!

Signing off!!!

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