Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 3 Part 2

Gonna do a short post for now cos it's June 17, 1:02am already... Went to yeliu from Keelung by bus, visited the geopark and we took tons of pics, and I took some pica on my itoy too... Nah, some is a gross understatement, I took like 27X pics on my iPhone today alone. Not counting the canon ixus camera we have, and the nikon dsl camera my dad uses. Yeah, my dad is into photography too... Heh. The rock formations... Incredible. I'll elaborate more when I put up the pictures later. Probably will edit in the same post on the 'final product' you are reading now ain't all written in Taiwan nor at the same time. Think I will buy this blog writing app when I'm back in sg. Full version will allow post editing(of published posts) and adding photos to posts. Depends on the price of the full version of cos.

We took a taxi to jiu fen after a seafood lunch. Spent like 4 hours or so at the park in yeliu. Went the visit the jiufen old street. Shops and more shops, alot of same shops selling fashion items and food.

Taxi back to Keelung thereafter, went to the night market there and my sis got a pair of sandals. TONS of food there, but sadly we were all too full from the old street town delicacies at jiufen to eat anything else. Train and mrt back to hotel, and now it's time for me to sleep! Shall attempt to write in more next time, till tmr!

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