Thursday, May 20, 2010

Glitched items *claimed to be* removed

yeah yeah, as you know AS are not known to be thorough abt wat they do... watever.

anyway... hero lvl 181... that's... achilles 19, 11 more sp and 4 more lvls to go... after that i'll have absolutely nothing to add skill wise. since mw30 is impossible for me (definitely not with a vista lappy) and looking at how i train/hunt in TT i think those unwanted activation of blocking aint very... nice...

so many things to add into hs. just finished the soaring skills + dragon rider pre-quests, evan event quests (watever has been unveiled so far, TT quests (boy that took LONG), fixing loads of broken links/missing links along the way. finished adding in the etc items from the last patch, so now i'm left with the use items (tons of those untradable potions and the OMG dragon rider reward boxes that takes forever to finish), and the npcs. arghs. aran quests aint in yet and evan is coming in 5 days time!!!

so far... added in a list feature for eqs in my calculator, but have not scripted the boxes to show the stats accordingly yet. its another list of long, tedious work on this... esp the dps calculation part oh gosh. i've to take into account SE, FA for PS and SB, and most importantly i have to make the dam thing still be user friendly, something which i fear it is already not... looking at the huge table of numbers for all the swordsman/fighter/crusader/hero attacking skills listed from 0-10 combo orbs, and oh, there's two of those tables... with SE crits, and w/o. and i realised i've not put in the AVERAGE yet. and the table is already super long. i really need to find a way to present the data nicely. maybe i've got to rely alot on those vlookup tricks since i want to work with excel rather than say flash or using programming + a compiler. actually... c++ + compiler might be better to give the user friendly interface that i aim for... but i dont know c++... wil take me eons to learn it i think... and oh the rebalance patch... another headache... plus i want to put in mob data... even worst headache since now there are alot of mobs with missing stats/info on hs. gah... not sure if i'll actually do the mob info part... it takes alot of work to keep that up to date - adding stuff to hs is alot of work as it is... keeping the mob list will be like doubling the work ><

apart from all these itty bitty pixels i've been reading books too. finished 2 thus far and reading the 3rd... and been playing tap tap revenge on my itoy. very fun haha. hmm... maybe i shd go read my book now. very interesting... relating the 'magic' in harry potter to actual scientific developments.

hmm. i shd go back and revise my jap too. weird aint i? studying for stuff only after exams are over. bravo.

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