Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 1

as promised, posts of my trip to taiwan, as written during the trip itself on my iphone, but no wifi to publish the posts!

Ok, so I'm in Taipei now, aft a 7 hour plus travelling time including a 2 hour transit time at hong kong international airport. It's now 15th of June, 12:38am... But alas this post will only be sent much later as unfortunately this hotel room doesn't have wifi T.T. The hotel has like a main building and some rooms elsewhere. I believe only heir main builing has wifi :( sad, means I can't check the forums every night as I had hoped to be able to do... Or hunt my mousehunt etc... At least make sure I get the hourly trap checks but I guess getting online is gonna be hard.

So we reached changi airport at like ard 6am yesterday morning. Check in was at T1 row01... Nice number lol. Flight took off at 8.25am or so, somewhat 20mins behind schedue... CX710... This holiday we are flying all on Cathay pacific... Well the return flight from Taipei to hong kong takes us on dragonair, which is a subsidary of Cathay anyway... So we reached hk at ard 12noon... Walked ard the transit area, bought a bottle of evian water(abt the only brand they sell in the airport), some chocolates... Ate the milk choc digestive biscuits I got at marks and spencers the other day when I went orchrd with my sis as our lunch... And boarded the plane to our final destination at ard 2+pm. Short flight to Taipei, landed at 4.15pm or so... Than took a bus to our hotel. Travelled relatively light this time round, only 1 large luggage and a small hand carryable size luggage that was checked in(for 4 ppl!). The rest of the hand carry were just the bags we'd bring with us to go shopping... Guess it's is we aren't visitng somewhere in winter time... 1st time going overseas to a place that has similar weather to sg (at the time of visiting duh). Weather: 24-32degrees, rainy... NOT counting gng msia of cos...

But back to the flight... I was very pleased to find he all our flights have in fligt entertainment! Cathay ftw! Previously we travelled on some china airline that doesn't have in flight entertainment... In fact the only other time I had the small tv in front of us was went we took JAL when we went japan... The movies they show was pretty cool too, I watched "how to train ur dragon". Quite a new movie eh? :D watched an episode of GLEE on the flight to Taipei too:)

So yeah, we reached the hotel at like 6plus or so. Was taken aback by how wonderful the service staff were... YOMI hotel:) very nice service personal, good facilities and a very nice room. Double story apartment style room! With sink to wash the dishes, quite a large fridge, a tv downstairs and upstairs... Nice sofa... Really love the loft kinda apartment... Was always excited by double story houses and now I get to stay in one! Only downside is that the toilet is downstairs and so getting up in the middle of the night you'll need to climb the stairs... And staying in one room for the whole family... Sucks when my dad is snoring so freaking lousy like he is now... How am I gonna sleep later gosh???

Went to shida night market after resting some bit in the delightful room. Took the metro there, ate 臭豆腐 and 卤味 for dinner... Walked ard for a while before returning to the hotel... My sis got a jeans material shorts and my mum got a pair of jeans and a shirt...

Guess that's abt it for the 1st day:)

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