Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 6

12:54am 20th June
So it's day 6 already and Sunday is the last day of the trip! As always, time flies, in no time i'll be back in sg again... Monday we have to leave for the airport at 8am, do yeah we have no time on mon at all.

Went to beitou and tamsui today. Loads of nice food at tamsui, bought back quite some bit of 'metal eggs'. Went to tamsui 1st, reached beitou quite late. All the gov run museums and stuff were closed alrdy, nothing much to do or eat there. The public hot spring bath... Cheap at NT40 per pax, but uber crowded in there, and personally I don't fancy taking a ht spring bath with my half burnt skin-bathing with luke warm water hurts enough already. Had previously tried taking hot spring baths in japan and Korea, but it was winter then. Taking a hot spring bath when the weather is like 30degrees seems weird to me...

Don't feel like typing much today... Oh yeah, they kinda chose a hat for me at tamsui old street, very lovely salesperson, but really I don't think I'll wear the hat in sg. It's just not me. Heck, they seem to like the idea of me wearing hats tho, for reasons I can't comprehen. The hat is gonna rot in a corner of the house pretty soon anyway, and it's too big for my sis to wear...  Wat a waste of 25sgd.... Oh wells. The hat does look nice, but not on me thank you very much.

Nothing much to eat at beitou, went back to the beef noodles stall near our hotel for dinner. Walked ard the area only to discover there's a night mkt nearby too. A stretch of food stalls selling all the small stuff, and some game stalls. Guess we will be gng there tmr night-oops I mean today.

Intending to put up loads of photos later on. Originally wanted to edit those earlier posts. But now I think I will make new posts instead. Increase my post count wahahahaha!!! Maybe if I'm bored I'll dig up some old photos and post them too. Or take some random pics and post. Said earlier that I felt like upgrading this blog posting app subject to the price and more details abt the full version which I can't check w/o Internet connection. I do know I can upload photos with the full version tho, and edit posts. Maybe that will let me blog more often- like say take a random pic on my itoy, tweet and blog abt it. We'll see. I must say I am really tempted tho.

Dad complains that I keep playing on my itoy when I'm actually typing, but doesn't complain abt my sis who's writing things down on paper... Oh wells, it's always like that... They assume and I can't be bothered to say otherwise. They don't believe me when I'm say I'm not playing anyway, and I don't want to tell them i'm writing a dairy or a blog. Too bad, things will stay the way they are. There are plently of things they keep from us and I from them. Even. Don't wanna let him see me typing on my phone again so I'll end here.

Well despite all that, I am really thankful for the itoy. Really wonderful bday prezzie, and I am only just discovering it's usefulness.

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