Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sliver mane in procession!

yupz! finally got my sliver mane! went ard questing today... tho in the process i did train a few % of exp..

brought a 17dex green neos last night/early this morn, as a 7int red whip... now i've got a 60int set le! also spt 48m for a 1dex 10 acc owl mask, i think the price is pretty worth it, and it also sloves all the acc probs for my koc, plus i already have enough acc to hit the last red mob at TT w/o a dex earring or any pots...

sian. saw a wa 18 ms in fm the other day, but while i was deciding to buy or not it disappeared ><

most likely gonna quest till tmr or wedn... gng out tmr afternoon... for buffet :D

the quests left are all the super troublesome ones... gah... i think i'm not gonna get that quest specialist medal ever >< see how lah... if the mcpq chaos neck is that good... than no nid this medal le mah... also see if that one is a medal or neck. in-game description says chaos neck, but the data from kms says is a medal... oh wells........... ><

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