Tuesday, August 4, 2009


yes, my night walker in lvl 26 already, thks so much jlf! but then, cos i'm a pure lk/dexless with 25 base dex, i cant even wear a meba cos i dont have any dex eqs. LOL... so poor thing... luckily i got a maple claw for him to wear later on... but clean de... 20 wa only... LOLs. lucky i still have steelys... else end up pure luck but only normal damage in mcpq. if i upgrade my warrior's glove to say a wa 11 or 12 one... i think 12 one better lah, at least 3 wa more than my current... than i'll give the wa9 glove to my NW. sad thing is that its hard to xfer stuff btw diff accts, since its really troublesome to on my sis's lappy to xfer... n i'm NOT gonna use drop trade for such ex items... n its not always that i can find someone reliable to help my xfer online... else my NW still can have some pretty good items to wear. oh wells.

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