Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'm stuck!

 managed to find 4 POTs during yesterday's 2-3pm 2x drop rate... hoping to be just as lucky today... currently at 20 POTs, less than halfway to making my 1H reverse still ><

been stuck at lvl 150 for quite along time now, and my SM is stuck at 62 cos i haven bothered to train him in a while.

my NW is stuck at doing ludi pq... cos i desperately want the cracked glasses, but i still have to do over 20 pqs to get the glasses. doesnt help that a lot of times the pq wasnt completed, thus wasting alot of time. if not for my desperate need of that 1 dex from the glasses, i'd have mcpqed all the way to way past lvl 50 already. zzzzz the gng is really VERY slow. for all my charcters >< need to get a couple more coins to get the chaos neck for my SM too. read in forums that the neck is only better than the mcpq neck by 1wa. dont think i'll waste the effort to get another neck and then cut it for my hero. yeah 1wa is a lot, but IF i can get a ht neck than even a clean one will be better than  the chaos neck already. most importantly... the exp at mcpq2 is SO SLOW. i'd rather do orbis pq, or just train myself ><

still wondering whether to go thru the pain of getting 150 coins for the neck for my NW... oh just realised my sin is eligable for mcpq2 too ><. the 1wa wld help my nw alot since he currently doesnt even have a wa glove >< oh wells ><

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