Monday, August 17, 2009


got my dear little SM to lvl 63 today, and i finally got the mcpq chaos neck as well. the stats are +1 to all and 1wa n ma. rather pathetic considering i took ages to get the 150 coins. still, the 1wa helps and makes this better than the magatia pq neck even, in terms of damage for non-mages. still, although the neck has 3 slots, i cant be upgraded with the mcpq1 marble... so yeah, whereas u can scroll the magatia pq neck with hp/mp, similar to the mcpq1 neck, u cant get hp/mp here.

and so i'm done with mcpq2 for my SM, next up is to finish the torturous 35 ludi pqs for my NW so that i can get the cracked glasses. thks jlf for helping me do so many! its not that i hate doing the pq, but its just that many a times, its hard to get into a good pt... like i've spent a night doing 4 failed pqs before... thus when i cld have finished at least 3pqs that day, i did none.... zzzzz waste of time really... as with mcpq2... so many cheats, ppl who run off half way n such... it really make the pq process torturous. so gald to have my SM in msia training now. no need to train SM only at a time when there's ppl online to mc and such. cant be bothered to go opq too >< there's a bug with getting the reward for opq anyway... plus, i've already got a good wa9 wg for my SM to wear... why bother with the bracelet when i know i wont wear it?

wanna try n rush my SM to lvl 7X so that i can farm in bye bye stn... no nid to bring my hero all the way there just to farm for a few hours... only to get the urge to hunt some POTs and travel off to TT again... only found a miserable 1 tp today... didnt find any during the 2-3pm 2x drop rate at all. such a disappointment ><

in the process of scrolling a scanda for my NW. passed 2 slots, failed 1. hope it doesnt go boom >< 20% chance to break... hope its low enough for me to get thru all 7 slots... yes, i'm a cheapskate n using the maple scrolls... wa38 now... hope i can pass... all the rest of the remaining slots? lol... at least pass 2 more lah.. wa44... cos my pathetic sm cant wear much else... not enough dex for anything else.... this is wat he'll be wearing for life unless i can get some dex eqs!

cant wait to get poison bomb on my NW... misting at skeles hehe! not for the faint hearted indeed ><. wonder how many times i'll die in the process of learning the misting technique. lols... oh wells. now i've got a better idea of how to train my NW tho, as in.. the sp allocation part haha.

hoping to get my wa 12 wg soon so that my sm can use the wa9 glove >< still short of quite some bit of funding tho, haiz.

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