Tuesday, August 11, 2009


woohoo... went out with jlf today... and aft dinner we mapled for a while and guess wat? i got 2 time pieces killing random mobs while showing her ard time temple... all in the span of less than 30mins of hunting... plus i was showing her my pet abilities and such... haha! jlf really brought me a lot of good lk ^^ anyways that means i've fullfilled my personal min. 1 time piece a day guideline. still got that ard 10% per day guideline to fulfill but maybe i'll pass for the day... nidda wake up at 7am tmr! which is super early considering that for the last few weeks of the hols i've been sleeping aft 4am and waking up at ard 11:30-12+pm ><

yeah yeah, sch's in again. no more crazy lvling... no more buying of monthly 2x - at least till the next hols. i wanna get my gpa up to make sure its enough to get 1st class honors. no 1st class honors... no... i dunnoe... it just means i wld have wasted another 4 years of my life... wasting 2 years doing cr@p in jc was enough.........

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