Saturday, August 8, 2009

to make impossible reality, all you have to do is believe!

Yes! believe! believe that someday i can reach 4th job... someday i will have that cool cool maxed brandish and the cool cool pink orbs! now i have them all, and maxed stance too at that... and a whopping 15k base hp... hahaha! now i got a wa 18, 9 str maple shield too... cool? brought for 850m from this lvl 200 thief... didnt click on the guy to see his job... perfectshuang... but only see his red draco n thief medal.

and i got a 104wa rk too! haha, rk spd rocks! now i have an rk to use for training n bossing, although per hit wise it loses out a bit to my dsr, its dps wins by ALOT. from dsr switch to rk the total wa needed to be on par dps wise is 7 or 10 LESS than the dsr wa(checked but forgot)... and my dsr is only 115wa, 7 less than my shield+rk, not the mention the less str added. not completely abandon dsr liao, esp when i was hunting stuff for my quest specailist medal... yes! i finally got the medal that adds 2 to all stats, and 10 jump & avoid early this morning! you can really really feel the diff btw the spd... hehe, actually i started using 1H cos i brought a 7int red whip to make up my int gear to a total of 7X int now - yes! 7X int!!! well i upgraded my cape n got a 4int owl mask too :D and got 5 int from the overall from the agent m event thingy - was 3 to all stats, 4dex, 15hp, used a chaos scroll from the agent box thingy n got 5int, 5 str, 3dex, 45hp, 2lk... wat matters most is that now got 5 int.. lol... so yeah... i blur pok. at 149 98.XX% went to solo clock... my plan was to lvl 1st then solo clock... so no choice loh... from last bit of b1 hp i started wearing my int gear... together with the red whip + ms shield. lucky go the shield liao otherwise... >< the damage was very low lah, cant even kb clock b2, but the spd from the red whip really got me drooling - that's when i decided to by the rk i saw in fm the other day... now i'm <3ing it :)

9 more lvls till my SM can use the rk + shield combo too :) but i guess i'mma gonna be hunting time pieces and ignoring my SM for some time... again... hehe...

its quite hard to believe... that after.... 3++ years or even more of mapling, i've finally reach where i am now, standing tall n proud... nvr buying spam... still i did spend quite a bunch on acash >< including 2 monthly 2x exp card >< but i didnt buy spam or ringer okays... when i pt with ringer is other ppl in the pt have or my pt member already brought before i came... okays... time to go hunt time pieces :D

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