Sunday, August 9, 2009

the hunt begins!

yes! the hunt begins... forgot to add in my earlier post that i soloed my 1st painus yesterday... the right pianus... that does dp so much or cast so much status effects... either i was extremely lucky or wat... i didnt get dp at all and i didnt get any status effects (ok i did get sealed once and that was it)... whereas this morning when i tried soloing again i keep getting dp n sealed. unless both pianus spawn yet i blur blur nvr see the other guy? dunnoe... cos i when i walk in the the right pianus appear. so maybe a while later the left side also spawn n i nvr see >< cos... i got dp tons of times and got sealed over 10 times... when i haven even reach a 3rd of the way thru! now that i think abt it... i guess both side spawned... but strange.... i didnt see any laser attacks or watsoever coming from the other side... oh wells... dunnoe.

so i've started hunting time pieces... dear jlf lvled up my NW to 31 already! yes! she's enjoying mcpqing with it now... so fast! now i'm worried abt the dex... cos i want a dexless sin, maybe converting to low dex later on to wear better wa eq... but i dont even have enough dex eq to wear a meba. infact, like my hero, i dont have any dex eq for my sin. i guess he'll just have to remain pure lk... >< but pure lk damage really is higher... i saw a lvl 29 NW doing 300-500 damage adding up both L7... when jlf says she usually does ard 700 damage. not bad lah i'd say. went to help her do the kill 200 evil eye quest to kill the puppeter. aft that just as i was abt to reach the portal at ellina to leafre, xiaolawlaw ask me to help him with rush quest... since i was still in vic (phew! else i'd waste 60k!) i galdly helped out. aft that went back to hunting time pieces... till now... so far, i got a total of 8 smiling cone hats and 9 time pieces... almost done with my smiling cone hats... but still far from completion of my 1H reverse >< oh well, hunt on!

just now linddy asked me if i was free on wedn to go ht... she got n extra ht neck that she reserved for me >< sadly i got sch n cant make it... plus i think my lappy will dc... nid to got some lan shop... not a prob except that i got sch which i dont wanna miss >< but it really shocked me that when she asked... i barely did anything to help her n yet she helped n promised to help me so much >< she's making me feel so bad again... not that i dont want a ht neck - i doubt i'd be able to get one myself short of buying one thru SOK - i doubt i'd be able to keep the commitment of gng for weekly ht, with my parents constantly ard n such, and with sch starting soon... and with my lappy running vista and currently facing a host of probs with maple... so unless i go a lan shop every week to ht... i wont even be able to Q up for MW20. and its just not possible for me to disappear at the same time everywk unless i bluff my parents say i got lesson... which i wont do ><

anyways... i'm quite aways from getting into a ht squad. now ppl are only taking in like 17X heros... and i'm just 150, with no plans to push lvling now that i'm hunting time pieces, planing to train my SM and NW, and now that sch is starting n i want to concentrate more on my studies so that i can get like... above 4.5gpa... and now i've stopped buying monthly 2x so lvling is really slow... had really hoped that i wld get mw20 from a gold box but no... they had to nerf the gold box drops and now mw20 prices have shot up again >< guess i can just add that 2sp i saved up into enrage... haiz.

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