Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 time pieces found today!

just went for a round of dodo hunting. too bad, found a lot of dodo today. 1st one i found an i/l (nvr see lvl) was killing halfway... i went to ks him/her... and guess wat? i managed to get the drops haha... the i/l followed me ard for a few ccs, helping me down dodo faster - at 1st i tried rushing the boss over n over to him/her, but that person skill not bad, nvr die... aft a while i gave up, just kill boss normally since i 100% get the drops anways... then a BS came along... so 3 ppl ksing each other, with me rushing the dodo whale left n right whenever he is not is 'stance' mode... i still keep my drops then a few more chns of them helping me down fast... suddenly both gave up... no where to be found... then dodo dropped me a piece of time! 1st one i got from him... and a while later a fake 30! hehe... more than cover my pot cost liao. then until i almost done with all 20 ccs then meet a bow hunting dodo... this one i cant win >< lvl 180 BM... kill 1 dodo 2gether with him (drops his...) then... no more dodos to kill liao.... arh wells... not bad not bad, can cover pot cost by selling fake 30 i happy liao.

okays, i'm calling it a day now, nid wake up at 7am tmr ><

haha yeah, i kinda just copied n pasted my forum post over here.... a lot of times i just treat the hero's lounge as sorta like a blog... like reporting/recounting my maple experience in there (n aft that become lazy to blog here) haha... so i decided to copy n paste te relevant part of my post in here... might as well update my blog a bit more right? hehe

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