Thursday, April 30, 2009


in spite saying that i can lvl up today, guess that's not possible le. cos end up today i wake up super late, almost 12 then wake up! i didnt expect to wake up so late also! woke up at 8+, went toilet, then went to back slp and the next time i woke up was 11.40++ liao! so mapled a bit, then eat lunch, aft lunch, mapled a bit more, the go west mall return book n buy acash. end up a sit in the lib n read the gypsy morph by terry brooks, i books i've been waiting for it to come out, then be avaliable in the library w/o having to reserve, since last year. wait 1year to read a book sia! end up reach home quite late le, then heck care, just keep reading the book, then dinner, read more book, then finally at 10+ then on comp, play other online games, and maple. read finish 50% of the book liaos :)

wanted to borrow brisinger by chirstopher paolini also, the catalogue say that the book not on loan, but i cant find the book on the shelves :( actually at 1st i didnt see the gypsy morph also, but later went back and found the book. but no luck with brisinger :( :( that book also wait quite long to read liao. haiz.

wanted to chiong lvl and wash my 1st lvl worth of aps to hp, but end up can only lvl tmr. and then zak tmr also cancelled cos of labour day hols, not enough attackers. oh wells... hope can get ac soon tho. but not that impt/urgent lah. since i will only start adding ac aft max brandish. say add one to ac for the 33% or watever % cant remember to charge 2 orbs at once, so that at low lvl brandish it will help to increase rate you can release coma/panic, apparently lvl 1 ac also increases panic damage by like 10k or quite some reasonable amt that i forgot, but not that critical lah. brandish30 pawns ok? finally we get to be on par with drk.

spent quite a lot of $ today. buy acash, pay my 15bucks lib fine, top up my ezlink card with 20 bucks (cos i used it to pay fine, so boh $ liao!)... blah... estimate i will spend 400bucks ++ on chem, for hp washing and use slots upgrading (completed)... not including the long term maintianence cost of buying water of life and all those pets items... ew... so much $$$... dont want think abt it liaos. add together the sum of $ is terrifying...

actually, that day i was thinking abt it, ya, us crusaders are able to hit high damage at one go with panic, but really w/o 4th job, we suck lah. compared to dks... they easily hit 10k (total) with crusher at much lower lvls when we poor crusaders at still stuck with power strike. not to mention that crusher hits 3 mobs while PS hits 1! so total they are doing 30k damage whille we struggle to hit 10k. now at 106 i can only hit 10k damage sometimes (at squids) at the low end, with the same 5 orbs, i hit 5k damage only! 5k ONLY you know! and panic? sometimes got 34k, sometimes 17k or less only. makes you feel like releasing your orbs wasnt worth it loh. coma is better lah, hits 6 for decent damage, normally 10k+ so if got 6 mobs can hit 60k plus, but you hardly find 6 mobs together for you to coma except for gobies. if not for 4th job, i'd say that i chose i really lousy job for my main char... lols. but now, drks, ya, no new attack skill for them, but if you do the calculations, with berserk30, their crusher will deal damage % on par with that of heros with max ac n dish. of cos the downside is that most ppl can only get till zerk20, but even then a 170% damage multiplier, 2gether with their already very good 3rd job skill still makes a splash, not to mention their extra 20% mastery. i also want more mastery loh, dont want to see those 5k PS -.-'''

oh wells. back to training. tmr 110% lvl 107 le lah. opps wait, past 12 o clock le... hahas.

still yet to go learn how to make videos, and haven settle my other blog de blog skin yet... slowly bah... :P now can maple i'll maple 1st hehe
short term goal: 110 by next zak session (i.e. next thurs)

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