Saturday, April 18, 2009

new kd

and so i found a new kd to play in, and am in the midst of deleting my old prov. not sure if i'll still get to stay in the new kd for the next age since the stay in current kd msg has already popped up. i do feel really bad and sad leaving my old kd though. there are a few promising new provs ard, but not enough of them still. and they are far from being organised enough. i really do hope that someday they will get their act together and allow me to rejoin the kd. i really do hope that someday we will meet again.

the new kd is currently a ghetto, but they've got a driven monarch with a strategy and vision. his idea were interesting and since he already has 13 prov that agree with him, i think next age will be a blast. not going to be a big kd perhaps, but i think at least we can nail a couple of wars. he's jsut started the kd in the mid of the age so i think they've got great promise. till then... will we meet again.

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