Sunday, April 19, 2009


went scarlion for fun n hope to rehelm, super scary sian. lq died cos she luffing at jp flying off, lucky jp enough hp to tong and manage killed off, dropped 3 helm but there were 4 of us i didnt know only haf 3 helms, cos i stand at one side nia. jp n me both hoping to rehelm, then i slow in throwing out helm, he didnt see that i say i want, n also throw out, so in the end i bo scarlion helm le. lucky thing is that i still have targa n worst come to worst zak helm... reason i say that? cos i really need the acc to train :X

PS: not entirely jp's fault also, i didnt check whether he rehelmed or not, and then i took a while to throw my helm out cos press wrong, so i guess he just thought i not rehelming. haiz, hai de shi linddy only :(

linddy being the suppper nice soul that she is promised to help me rehelm, but i feel so bah worh, make her help me so many times... zak, scarlion, targa... all she help me de leh! i bo liu n didnt  mega her when she lvl 200 :( (and yet she megaed me!) sry n tyvm linddy jie!

hope next time i higher lvl, at least 14X bah? then we have an all heros run, with lq inside of cos :D

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