Saturday, April 18, 2009

no turning back

for some unknown reason, my old kd monarch's prov collapsed, w/o him even leaving a word or giving any notice. i guess theres no turning back anymore, as with my old guild in maple....

anyways switch from the squids map to the bone fish/gobies map. exp a bit faster and pot cos wise abt break even bah? maybe lose a bit per round... but now i just wanna lvl faster so even if lose maybe 500k each time i go repot (which is maybe 4-5hours?) its still not that bad... watever... lol chemchem so evil. yest saw a 115 drk afk in the squid/gobies map, then i purposely nvr hit the gobies after the come out... of cos some flew to where the afking drk was at... well you get the idea :D

pted with a priest just now, at 1st i took the top of the map n he took the bottom, then i go down for hs and suddenly see he ask me to go top, got a suprise for me... then i see him swimming up with a big bunch of gobies following behind :D lol so fun n shiok! he did that another time when i switch to taking the bot of the map cos he complain below spawn too fast for him, then aft that he went off9 le :( oh wells... such a short lived fun :( ptying with a max hs priest is really good... cos even if they dont help kill much (but today the priest i pt with prefer to attack and not tag) the exp you get with max HS and pt bonus is abt the same as soloing (talking abt a 2man pt). not sure if its slightly more of slightly less, since i nvr go add up :P but so few prz want pt crus de :( :( :( haiz.

edit: 1st round of repotting done, cant remember exact amt of meso i started the round with, but at most loss 100k nia, perfectly acceptable :D

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