Friday, May 1, 2009

13 more lvls!

13 more lvls to heroship. which will take me abt a month unless i chiong n play 8-1 hours a day, which i dont plan to do.

linddy said in forums tt she gng msia boss today at night, but then she nvr log in at all. her blog also only got one post saying brb, that's all, nothing else... nvr reply jp's sms also. which is really weird i find, esp the blog part since she blogs everyday w/o fail unlike me (well she did blog today, but just say brb only?). maybe bz with work or smthing cropped up, dunnoe. shant speculate anymore, but i dont believe she would just say want go msia boss n not turn up or even leave a word just for the fun of it/if nthing cropped up... okays i just dont know how to put it properly. eeps. my english is getting poorer already :S

jp and a bunch of his BLs, including nebby gng out suntec tmr, in the end i also decided to join them, since my parent didnt have any plans to go out also. i was a bit worried abt meeting some bunch of ppl i met over the net in RL, actually some of his BLs i also dunnoe in maple loh, only keep hearing jp say their name. not that i'm afraid of getting kidnapped that kind of thing, but rather how things will turn out. ppl online n in RL can be very diff, we all have vastly diff backgrounds, i just know how we will click together, and i'm not that kinda out gng extroverted person either. dunnoe wat we gonna do also. can maple at csc, but they only let ppl play for 1 hour. somemore we meeting at 12 and gonna stay till dinner leh! later they go watch movie but then arh i hate watching movies!!! they say there's another gal gng along so i guess i wont be the odd one out. nebby sibei rich sia! he suggest to eat jap buffet at kushimbo! yo know that place how ex or not? i only hear my friend (at ibn, older than me de) say she go eat (she also supper rich loh, say keep go eat with her bf). she say the food there is good, got a lot of variety n the sashimi is fresh, but still its like 40++ per pax lah! i where got so rich! my 1 week pocket moneh 50bucks nia, 20 buck str go to ez link card, leave 30buck like dat nia. heh, if not for my ang pao $ savings, the $ from my generous grandma, and the extra $ i saved from when my parents gave us more $ when they went overseas, i wont even have $ to buy any acash. but ya i do love jap food a lot a lot... nebby say he will sponsor us 250bucks for dinner loh, or so jp says... wah dunnoe whether true or not, 250bucks for dinner, spending on ppl whom he's meeting for the 1st time in rl...? i'm not that rich loh :S anyways jp n nebby meeting up at jp earlier tmr morn. since i live so near i decided to go meet them also loh. okies not that near, but acceptable lah. i always have to go that way to sch anyways, so used to going jp liaos. they meeting at 10:30 at jp loh, dunnoe 10:30 will have what shops open... but that means i betta slp earlier today. yest end up i read the gypsy morph till almost 6am before gng to slp. then i woke up today at 11:20 or so. seems like i'm a pig wake up so late but actually i didnt slp THAT much :P anyways, my point is that today cant slp so late, else tmr cant wake up le. (so i stopped mapling olreadi okies?)

trained abt 50% or so today, so chemchem is now at lvl 107, 24%. too bad tmr whole day gng out, else can chiong lvl. on the bright side my parents wont complain THAT much abt me sitting in front of comp all day cos i got go out. will lvl to 108 during the weekends. whether on sat or sun depends on how much i push it tmr and on sat, and whether sat/sun got go out or not. hmm... wanted to reach 110 by next thurs... hmph... a bit hard if i wanna do it like by wedn night. that means one of the days i need to train like 8hours or more. assuming the rest of the days i train 50% nia... oh wells. we'll see how things goes. at 1st i thought that 3 lvls a week shd be no probs, but now i suddenly dont feel like maple THAT much in a day anymore. like maybe train 50% enough le. or maybe i'm just sick of the training spot, or of using the same ol almighty (yeah right) power strike. PS for over 100 lvls, over 2 years, and i'm still power striking. sheesh. and brandish? another month away from lvl 1 brandish, and max brandish? maybe 2 months away. still quite a ways to go, a lot of hours to put in... a lot of power striking to do...

realised suddenly just now that i moved from yabber doo to gobies/squids at lvl 95, so that means i've already been in aqua road's squids/gobies/bonefish for 12 lvls! ya got some break to go msia farm a bit, went dgp for a few hours, but 99% of the exp gained in those lvls came from the doomed creatures of aqua road.... :S luckily gobies is still quite fun, its satisfying to see all the gobies getting stunned by coma, and i can see that my coma damage is increasing with each lvl, with each lvl taking less and less SBs to kill the fishes aft coma release. also managed to kill all 6 gobies with 1 coma yesterday, 2nd time thus far aft hunting for so long, but coma is 1HKOing gobies more and more often, many times leaving just 2 or 3 gobies out of 6. which is a great thing and is what is expected to happen. but this slow and marginal damage increase in amplified when u train at gobies, you notice it more thru the no. of gobies dieing in 1hit per lvl. hopefully, this whee bit of challenge/fun at gobies is enough to help me train there till lvl 120. else its gonna be a torture. training today in the afternoon was a torture, i didnt feel like training at all, maybe cos the squids map was more boring, or cos there was absolutly no one else online, no one from my bl/guild, no one to talk to, that make me feel so sad. but i keep on training cos i promised myself to lvl yesterday and i didnt hit the target, so i'd better hit it today. evening time quite a lot of ppl logged in, and having someone to chat with make mapling so much more fun.

and so chem lvled up and wash the 1st 5 lvls of ap today. -20mp (always constant) and gained 260hp. still waiting to reach 110 for max shout, that extra range will really really help. than i will add 1 sp into armour crush for the animation, before maxing mp recovery, than lvl 14 armour crush. lol this crus of mine in my bl was saying that, shout is useless, asked his friend to add SHIELD MASTERY aft the usual combo,coma,panic. wat the???? SHIELD MASTERY???? Hello mr crusader? u purposely trying to trick/mislead ur friend isit? i cldnt be bother to correct him, plus my chat was moving so fast i didnt get the chance to read properly, somehow i always get a lot of ppl talking to me AT THE SAME TIME, i'd prefer it if they cld spread it out and aaccompany me throughout my entire training period. afternoon i was so sad n lonely lah!

now i'm wondering if i shd max rush. cos the extra distance would make a diff in training/attacking, whereas although achilles (which many ppl choose to max over rush) does help in saving pots, it doesnt give you that extra boost in training, one that you will definitly need when the exp slows down to just 1% per hour. even tho new maps coming out eg. time temple will make training easier for me (they shd be out by the time i can use them) i dont expect the exp to be any faster. at most they can give you is 1.5% per hour? even 2% per hour at that lvl sound impossible with that pathetic bit of exp the mobs give. oh wells. get my dish dish dish 1st then say. slowly but surely i  will get there! i nvr thought getting combo, coma, panic was possible when i started the game, then i got to 6X, then i had my 1st 3 orbs, and now i'm already adding the non-core skills of a crusader. soon i will be there ;)

my target is still to reach 200 before i graduate from uni in 3 years time, and i dont think that goal is out of reach ;)

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