Friday, April 17, 2009

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went for zak in attempt to get ac yest. BUT 1) someone crashed our ac batch
2) we went for ffa zak and chem dced at like b2.... i think it was b2 lah, cos i dont recall seeing the red hp bar coming out yet. staring at my hp bar when suddenly the screen just froze and then the entire maple program just close. sian. maybe cos i using wireless? 2nd time dc liao. i think this laptop cmi for zak. and then since my desktop is like 8 years old or more and will dc even in mcpq... i guess bossing may well be out for me liaos... ARGHS. except my boss... arghs! if keep dc how to get ac? sobs, why didnt ac drop when linddy help me helm that time :( !

later got 2x exp to make up for the sever down time on wedn. then weekend got the good fri 2X exp event that kena postponed. wah sian leh. monday i got exams! how? then gng out for dinner tonight with my family, so i'll probably miss the night time 2X exp... oh wells, can still reach my lvl 104 target today and its gd enough for me le. brought a str 18 top a while back. 93m sia! now broke liao. didnt farm much at msia too. just chiong lvl bah... yt claims that he earns 32m per hour at wolf spiders, 2hko on wolf spiders... dunnoe if he got type wrongly or not, but 32m is super a lot sia! compared to my 2m per hour at the msia mini dungeon... even if make 10m per hour is a lot for me liaos - one day play 3-4 hours 3 days easily make 100m++ liaos which means farm for 2 weeks or so enough to get my 12X dsr sia... unbeliveable... watever lah... still long way from my brandish. need hunt for dish bk 2 myself. nowadays price shoot up to like 60m, 100m+++++. i dont even have enough $ to buy the book lah! sian....! somemore training/hunting at the wyvrens will lose $$$ de... even more sian! i'm broke already loh! haiz. just train on bah T.T

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