Thursday, April 23, 2009

one last exam paper than its play time!

yup, paper today was still okies... but watever. went to maple after that, and guess what? i was so tired that i cant maple properly! keep wasting pot by poting too early and missing the gobies when they come out etc etc. decided to stop wasting pots and stop mapling. then went to do my daily round of fluff friends petting, WFF rocks okies (go facebook and search fluff friends if you are clueless abt what i'm saying). missed 2 days of petting this week liaos. supposed to pet min 5 times a week but i might not be able to do it this week. wanted to give everyone a fluff ade today but then was too lazy to do so. it takes quite long to feed 70+++ ppl a ade each you know... then went to play super mario defence, which i have yet to finish all the lvls. quite a fun game, but could use some improvements. the 1st round start too fast and in that time you gotta look ard the new map for that stage, see what towers you can build (changes each stage) and read the tower description if its a new tower. i had to try out a few times in the beginning to not leak any creeps. the game shd also desplay how many mobs are coming out (since it changes each time), how much hp, speed and so on. since some stages have many mobs, each low hp, while others have just 1 or 2 mob, each with high hp, and this the towers needed for each stage differs. had to restart many lvls several times to try out diff strats, but still i like this tower def game, somewhat diff from teh hundreds of others that i've played/tried out. new towers/presentation... not that bad lah. still it wont make really want to go back and replay the game. anyways i played the game till i'm quite awake liaos.. LOL

if you like or want to try out some tower def games, here's a few i recommend: bloons tower defense 1/2/3. desktop tower defense (cant remember what version, they have a few) and xeno tactic 1 (i think their version 2 isnt as good). well there's a lot more games i like lah... but too many to list them all :P i've probably played thousands of online games by now lol. and yet still have not tried making a single one. you'd think with all the games i've seen i shd have graduated to making games myself by now... lols. but i'm clueless abt programming and not that good with flash yet so... oh wells... :S

not too keen on making my own game tho, more interested in making some videos. 1st up is a guide on how to coma gobies properly for crusaders. if i'm not falling asleep while playing like just now, normally 80-90% of the time i catch all 6 fishes (or how ever many that come out) with coma and at msot take 500++ damage from kill all of them. unless the house magic att me while PSing instead of doing the super WD up 1st that is. bone fish are still a pain to kill nonetheless which makes it all the more impt to clear the gobies properly else you will 1000% loss a lot of $. went back aqua yest to try n teach flame how to clear properly, but then he wasnt really paying attention... i still see tones of fish flying all abt and keep hitting him... most of the time the swim to try and trap the fly at the top but that is really not the fastest nor most efficient (pot wise) method to kill... oh wells... i think he went back black squids to train cos of the pot cost... ya i agree how much i earn depends a lot on how many morning stars/gold dragons i find, but with his method of clearing... i guess its just not possible to earn $$$ there... at 1st he told me he would shout when the gobies come out :X i know lvl 4 shout still have the 100% stun gitch (that y my shout is lvl 4 too) but the range is pathetically small. i cant wait to get max shout for that extra bit of range but then i really wonder if i'll still need to shout much at lvl 110. :S jp also said that he cant catch the timing, at msot coma 4 fish nia... that hard meh? :S another crus i trained with a while back go and release panic to break open the house... then slowly SB whilst taking loads of damage -.-''' it did took me a while to get the coma release timing right... but once you get it life becomes much easier, and you'll get addicted to bursting gobies houses. oh wells, set le, my 1st video making attempt will be on the gobies training guide for crusaders/heros with low lvl brandish.  hope my video wont turn out a failure... lols.

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