Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st post!

lalalala, since i dont want to mix my real life stuff and gaming stuff, i shall make a new blog!

i called this darkiller's gaming world although mostly i'll be abt maple, cos i did play other games such as trickster online revolution, and might go back and play n blog abt it too, so i dont want to exclusively name this as a maple blog. besides, i play a host of other online games too. i particularly like rpg games and tower defense games. i also used to play stuff like chaos chapter/dsrpg and its other copycats, legend of the green dragon.... oh yes, and kingdom of loathing too.

still playing utopia actively, the rest not so. specialise in playing t/m (in utopia), but sux at being attacker or hybrid a/t. and i always play the rogue personality, been with my kd for maybe 7 RL years now, not a super kd or even one that wins wars, but still i've kinda bonded with teh ppl there, and although sometimes i feel like trying out being in a skd and see how its like to win wars (or at least join a kd better than my own) i've still stuck with the kd i've been with since i started out the game. the slacker gaming life sure suits me :) with a neat 1k science points per acre, 3.5wpa and 6.5tpa, oh and 88dpa (all raw values), i think not many ppl can surpass that :D 15mod tpa for a DE, how cool is that? :)

anyways, back to why i created this blog... mainly cos i have so much more to say abt my gaming stuff that rl... ya, i just had jap listening today and will be having orals tmr but still... theres so much more to say abt games...

back to maple.
mcpqed with lq n my sis today. super funnieh! my sis cant type while fighting! she cant even summon all the mobs/skills/protectors while fighting! she must go hang on the ladder than can summon! lol. chemchem lvled twice last week and got a bit sick of training. went crogging yest with flame to no avail and ended up wasting $ instead.

side info: 4 lvl 100% stun for shout is still there.
now i dont know whether to add to shout as i lvl or not... if i keep training in squids till 110, then shout is used for luring not stunning, so a larger range wld be good. in face i wouldnt want to stun them cos i want the squid to follow me <<<>>> so that i can hit the squid and the goby fish house seperately. however if i go other places e.g. go back to dgp then 100% stun is needed (still the range of lvl 4 shout is short...) oh wells........

yeah, i've been collecting a list of training spots tho i've yet to update it with the latest changed MY maps, and i have not improved on the presentation. however my guide more or less ends at lvl 110, since that's where i am now. i have ZERO idea where to train after that. ya i heard abt dukus (and i know mongs can go anytime with a tag priest n enough acc, tho after lvl 21 brandish is better) and skeles but i have NO IDEA when it good to go those places. oh wells... i can only add on as i lvl up bah.

poor bio is still stuck at lvl 60. maybe i will play enough of him for bio to reach 3rd job by... then end of the year? lols... only got 3 sets of steelys for bio so far..... poor boy :( dilemma also... whether to pump more dex into bio or not... cos now he already ver high dex... normaly dex lah actually. but later if get zak helm wont need to have so high dex le mah... but then again WHEN bio can actually get the zak helm or new my boss helm is a BIG question. since sins got such low hp they can survive zak w/o hb till much later. unless buy hp tix or wash hp. but since i olreadi bu she de wash hp for chem, bio is definitly not gonna get ny hp washed out...

okies. lab report time.

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