Monday, April 20, 2009

update on $$$ issues when training at gobies/bonefish. lost like 200k on the 2nd round but since i found 2 claw att 60 there.... ^^

chemchem still parked at msia. dun feel like gng back aqua road to train in the mean time (but then there's the zak run on thurs, dont feel like gng till the other guy got his ac, but then i shd try if my com can zak w/o dcing using wired rather than wireless. but then again i haven go find the ethernet cable -.-''' ) i dont feel like zaking again sia... so depressed aft dcing the 2nd time... linddy jie help me zak again! lol... just jk lah. i not so mean... she very bz with her work also. then also need pack her stuff...

jsut now go play bio for a while. but feel very sian. exp not as fast as last time liao. 1 mob like 0.02% only, abt the same as chemchem at aqua road loh! only thing is that overall bio take less hits to kill. if only my desktop is not so old, then i log in both char and use chem to train bio at charmers. haiz. however i think of it bio is jus too noob lah. a few lvls more than can leech nicely in msia mini dungeon, shd be decently fast exp and of cos i can farm $$$ there too.

still wondering whether i shd have thrown out my scar helm. cos actually mine was ok de, 18 str n dex, 10 spd, and 27 acc. i tan xin want higher str de so went to rehelm. cos actually its all average stats and acc higher than normal (ok lah the int n lk 17 only, i was hoping get higher int for higher mp increase but really not that impt). acc not that impt to me since i do have enough acc le, unless next time i wash out my dex, but i'd rather wash hp instead. since i already had 154 acc or so previously with the scar helm (my targa helm total acc 2 lower or smthing?) that would be enough to last me very long. since my shoes are clean de (yes depleting dropped me a 3acc snowshoe which he picked up for free, still its better than my clean rss, thks!), earring clean, bot also clean, and no owl mask, dog nose, and no ht neck, i still have a lot of places to get my acc from if i really need acc next time. though i doubt i'll be getting my ht neck unles i can ht at home, or someone give me a free slot. buying neck slot too ex for me liao (till i huat when can solo zak, or 2hit petri, as linddy jie says) so i can only join fixed squad. which 1) i need to be at least 17X or so to get accepted, and 2) not quite possible for me to go lan shop everywk, unless i cheat my parents say got lesson but i really dont want to do that.

oh n b4 i forget, thks for the ac20 jp, hope it wont fail :D (still i have yet to get ac basic and i dunnoe when i will reach the lvl to scroll ac20 lol)

hmm let me see... i hoping to reach 4th job by the time jlf come back for the hols, which is in june, and considering that my hols start from 28th april aft my last paper, its entirely possible. i guess it all depends on how much i wanna push bah... still not that hard to lvl now actually. i estimate abt 10hours of training per lvl, but since need spend time repotting, maybe selling stuff in fm when inv too full of stuff i dont want npc, maybe say 11 horus per lvl. if i play 5hours + each day during hols, 1 week 3.5 lvls liao. and unless i go out, i confirm play more than 5 hours per day de :P. okies say 1 week 3 lvls bah. on average since smtimes go out, training becomes slower etc. i'd rather be more conservative in my calculations :D
sch reopens on guess wat? AUGUST hahaha. assuming i dont get a job in the holidays that is... wah, 15 weeks... ard 45 lvls. now i'm 105. so that's 150? wah... sounds impossible leh... okies, really depends on how much i play each day. cos its garenteed that training will get slower later on. linddy says that 19X its 1% per hour sia... oh wait... forgot to ask her if that's with 2x or not :S okies. nvm, my very conservative goal will be to reach 13X when sch reopen :) and 16X by this time next year. goals subject to change anytime :D :)

and oh, i know this blog skin not veri nice, and no links up also. promise to do a blog revamp aft next tuesday :D

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