Saturday, April 25, 2009

maple story deluxe

yup yup, chemchem is playing maple deluxe now... what do i mean?

my husky expired today, so i went to revive it, AND brought the folowing: wing boots (previously owned, brought with maple pts last time), binoculus, auto hp and mp pouch.

now i dunnoe how much it'll cost for me to renew all these items when it expires liao... but oh wells...  too bad. nowadays i tell myself its ok to spend on acash, cos my sis also bought comic books and one of the series she bought cost like 29bucks per book. of cos she didnt buy the whole series, we where got that much $$$, and granted hers is smthing that u can feel, touch, see in real life, not some puny little card with value for virtual stuff... but maple gives me as much enjoyment and fun... so... watever... at least apart from this the only thing i spend on is food. so i guess if i dont spend so much on food (which i hardly did in uni, expt when gng out with friends), its alright to spend some $ on maple... in the long run it will still add up to quite a reasonable sum of $$$, but hey i dont go out shopping/spend much on other stuff okay...? watever... just justifying my own spending :S

and so i went ludi to revive my husky. then i saw the mini game npc. previously i collected some monster cards, wanted to make a set, but not enough. since i didnt feel like training i went to collect the omok pieces. gonna make a pink n panda teddy set one. collected 99 omok pink teddys liao, and 8X of the panda teddys, almost done! took the whole of my mapling time today till now still not done yet worhs... main reason i want the mini game set? so that i can set up a game and leave the notice there :P ok lah, the pieces drop quite fast. much faster than hunting for the stupd nlc quests to get the warrior chair. still by the time i got my pink teddys omok pieces done, i got 1000+ yellow ribbons liao. and now already have 700+ panda dolls le... too bad, i no mood to train today, and then tmr i will start studying 106 liao. paper on tuesday, this sub super a lot of stuff to remember, need start studying earlier. linddy jie's sin lvl 50 liao, can get zak helm le. she said she gonna helm this weekend, i asked her let me come along too, want to try (for a 3rd time) see if my laptop can zak or not. zak as in, stay connected till b3 is down!!!! which is what motivated me to buy the auto hp pouch. n of cos go zak is for me to get ac... haiz. missed ac twice liaos. this thurs will let flame help me play bah, at least his comp didnt dc when he got it, whereas mine dced 2 times liao! make me so demoralised okays... my laptop cant go bossing! RAWR! F5!!!!!!!!

okies, gng back to hunt the omok pieces liaos.

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