Tuesday, May 26, 2009

asiasoft game fest

went asiasoft game fest with the following peeps on sun morning.
(Daniel) Frazen2113
-(Chin Choo) 0basaanx92
-MK (Lightman92)
-Chin Fang
-Shisong (original 1plus1equal2)
-(Teng Hong) toonfire
-(Brian) NebbyLord; Mastermind
(yes this part copied from jp's blog de)

CC met dusis who was Qing up at the sales Q, 1st in line somemore, so we lobang him n i managed to get my 2 AP resets and 60k acash, as well as some freebees. its to celebrate jp's bday yest, but sadly i didnt dare stay out so late... cos last week i also went out a few times already, plus later this week i will be gng out again with my troopers since wx just returned from the states... scared later they use it as an excuse when scolding me etc...

thks to CC's sis (CF) i managed to get a lupin cape! hurrah! wanted to get it at the previous buzz shop promotion buttttttt its only at like bishan n dunnoe where else... so far away lah! also got a pink bean overall n weapon, so my char is all dressed up now. sadly i dont have the pb hat else i'll be able to get the 'go 4th n explore' effect. on the bright side, i'll FINALLY be able to get my maple girl effect... once i remake my maple earrings which i boomed for the 2nd time that is... sibei suay lah... 1st earrings - 1st slot failed, 2nd slot boom. 2nd earrings - 1st 3 slots failed, 4th slot boom. NONE passed. the maple leave from cassandra also, all scroll until very lousy one, and even tho i've taken over 10 leaves from her, all are str n lk one, just now finally got a dex one. but i want an int one!!! no haf!

finally brought some int eq. now i just nice have 50int with my eqs liao. not bad eh? means enough for me to wash hp to 18k by 160 le! muahahaha! hmmph. supposed to have cs sale on AP reset this week but its still the eqs on sale! rawr, now regret buying only 2 AP resets on sun, but the thing is, i bought a no. of ppc way before the event, plus another 60k on the even itself, more than enough at one go le... now i still have total of 138k unused acash, enough for 6 lvls w/o discount, and 7 with discount. supposed to have discount next week so i guess i'll wait bah... :X anyways i tink i will only have enough mp to wash till 120 at most, aft which i'll have to wait till i lvl more than can wash out all 5 APs in one go. lvl 114 now, at 95%, so i'm gonna lvl up soon... and oh i bought my 1st ever 2x exp card, the 30 day one from 10-2am. super fast exp, 60% or so in 4 hours, means that next week will reach 120 liao ^^ wanna chiong n see how the pink bean weapon will look like when do brandish hahaha...

onward to hero!!! almost, almost there!

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